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E- Numbers for the glades?


Silent Prop
R. I. P.
Years back they used to require an E-number on the DECK of the airboat to run the Glades. For those of us unfamiliar with anything recent about the Glades, is this still required?

Scotty :wink:
The law use to read south of Hwy 60 you were required to have your
FL numbers across the bow in 12" lettering so that it could be read from the air
Used to only run a flag south of Hwy60 also, and had to have 6'' tall numbers
on your rudders if you hunted from the boat. I see the flags are statewide now
but are the numbers on the rudders still required?
A buddy of mine got a ticket in the glades for frogging with FL #'s less then 6". I think the game warden might have had a hard-on for him cause I have never seen it since, but I guess there is some rule linking all frogging with commercial frogging.