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Ecotec's top end speed


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Gotta love the haters! Apparently they cannot fathom the idea of something new becoming more and more popular. The initial cost is high but results are proven by these guys over and over again. Personally top speed is not a concern of mine but I know Terry's new build should be quick, and I've seen Russ's video of him letting off well before top speed and doing 70mph. Fast enough! I just can't wait to run mine all day never worried about the dry and still only burning 10-12 gals


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I burned probably 5 gallons the other morning in about 3hrs riding. Its short and ass heavy so takes a little power to keep her plane in deeper water. Amazed at how easy it runs the marsh. Tap the gas and it glides across the marsh. Definitely need to rig my soaper up next as I do not know how well it will handle the marsh when its bone dry just yet.