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This one is kind of aimed at Waterthunder! 8) Just that every engine of yours I see it has an electric waterpump. With thier prices not a whole lot more than an aluminum belted, they draw only 6-7 amps from what I see and thier claiming about 10000 hours from some of the adds I saw. what would be the negative side! 8)
If you run a good one there are many pluses. Especially if you run dry allot or run them really hard I had to tow a party barge back that kicked a rod on the hill. So I had to tow him across dry ground for a mile. When my boat got hot I shut it off and let the pump keep running 2 minutes later she was 100degree's and I started pulling again. It would have taken hours to do this any other way. One trick I recommend to people who use elec water pumps is to wire your tach to your water pump switch. That way if you forget to turn on the pump you will notice your tach not working.
Great idea about the wiring, Thunder. Another idea is to wire it in series with your fuel pump, so that the engine won't run unless the water pump is running.

Who makes the best of the electric water pumps?

I didn't wire it in series with my ignition because my boat runs so cool some times I leave the water pump off before a race to get the water temp up.