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Electric Winch


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Y'all may destroy me for this ( kinda like PVC ) but has anybody ever installed an electric winch on their boat? I know I am opening my self up here but is it a good Idea?
I have seen them delivered to a seismic airboat fleet by the pallet load.
Seen a time or two that I wouldn't have minded having one aboard :D
The trouble with havin' a winch on board is you can't get any ridin' done cause once them Continental guys find out you have one the day's shot pullin' them up on the hill and thru the wet grass and stuff. :lol:
somebody posted some pics of a winch mounted on a airboat a while back. I can't remember who posted them. you might be able to find them using the search feature near the top of the page.
well i know two buddy of mine that get gator permits every year that put winches in the middle of there boats for winching big gators onboard. when they are mounted in the middle you can pretty much get to any side at any angle.
Frognutz has one mounted to the underside of his toe board. (where is ole frognutz, haven't seen hin on here in a while :?: )
Frognutz has one mounted to the underside of his toe board. (where is ole frognutz, haven't seen hin on here in a while )
That's what I was thinking under the front foot rest.
We used to mount allot of 12 volt winches on john boats an mud boats. most guys used then at the pull overs in one place I used to hunt (no airboats allowed) if the tide was up I didn't need them for the big level on the river but if it was down it was about a 60-70 foot slide across the soup then up over about 30 ' dike and i had to use it to get the rest of the way over the dike (just with low tide)
I have been in a spot where I would have given you any price you wanted to sell one for. I have seen some pics as well of atv sized removable units. Now I just carry a come-a-long on the boat.
They make a land anchor for just that situation. Find it any 4x4 place. 4wheelparts.etc. Nice ones are light and dont take too much room. and they work....
pulled my 79 bronco w/ 460 and 40" boggers stuck up to the door handles in black mud, the anchor was in a grass clump. used a warn m8274 8000 winch double blocked(16000lbs pull, minus parasitic drag for you techies), they only thing movin' was my truck. bought one the next wknd. great item if you gonna carry a winch
Rich Andrews":9zjjerw3 said:
look into a chainsaw winch........portable and lightweight.

I just ordered the pricing, shipping and availability info on the Lewis Winch. Anxious to see what they offer. Thanks Rich !

Scotty :wink:
If others are interested I can see where their price breaks are and we could order in bulk.

If I buy one Im thinking about making it available to the local club for emergencies. Would mean someone would have to come get it but that beats leaving the boat on the bottom all night. I might even meet them at the Airboat Association with it. Blah blah blah and etc....... I guess clubs could buy one and keep it at their respective clubhouses too. Just check it out when needed.


Scotty :wink:
get a multi mout atv winch u should be goo yall got e thinkg bout gettine one just in case them lonely nights out in the marsh 2500 3000 pounds should be enough
Northern Tool has them gas powered winches I think less than 300 bucks.
at the store in Melbourne
I have a 8,000 # warn winch mounted under the deck with a roller fair lane on the nose. Never have to worry about getting out.I post picture if I knew how.