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electrical component ID & replacement

Part is under dash and near the gauges, Ignition, and switches on my 1999 GTO Zz502.

internal black parts on board are marked F447 which doesn’t yield results online but they are 30a 12v - seems similar to a Buss box without integrated fuses:

What’s the best replacement either way?


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Those look to be circuit breakers that are incorporated into a buss bar. Used to work on a lot of older equipment that had those fuse panels
What are those wires for? I know Pontiac didn't do that.
It’s under the gauge panel so wires are for gauges, ignition and switches etc (or some combination). I get nothing when turning the ignition, after apparently shorting something when replacing the ignition switch. The switch was replaced do to a no start condition with clicking from the starter so really need some help here