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Engine parts seller east of Lakeland ?

Hi Yall.....
I just moved from Orlando to Tn. Before I left Orlando- I used to see on Craigs's list-- a guy who would post lots engine parts
and a few whole engines for sale. I think he was east Of Lakeland somewhere-- but I cant remember the town------maybe Haines city ?
He had lots of Lycoming and cont. cranks, cases , pistons , jugs, ect. He also mentioned he was getting new stock in every couple of weeks. I have tried to find him again on craig's list but he does not seem to be posting there anymore. That would have been about 2 years ago since i last saw his post on CL. does anyone know if he is still doing parts and if so--- does he have a web page now ?
Anyone remember this fellow ? He had TONS of parts on hand !!!!!
That might be Gary Barber in Haines City. He used to come on here as Outlawaircraftengines, but I haven't heard from him for awhile.

I think he still sells parts on FB. Last number I have for him is: (863) 698-0383

Hope this helps.