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Engine stand question


Goodmorning everyone. Had a question on engine stand set up...I searched and searched this site but never found what I was looking for, so figured I’d just ask it myself.

I’m picking up a boat this weekend and it is set up for a direct drive (cage and prop) but no motor. The engine stand is a new set up for a LS motor with a gear reduction..I have a SBC motor I want to put in it with a direct drive set up (temporary for budget reasons).

My question is what modification would need to be done to the stand to make it work? Or would i be better off selling the stand and ordering a new one? Sorry if that’s a dumb question I’m new to this!
Coltdog welcome to SA!

Ask away with questions as we have a lot of knowledgeable members who can help.

Others will chime in, but a gearbox is approximately 12" long. Remember you will be moving radiator, mounts, hoses, etc and possibly your rigging. You may be money ahead since you have a motor, to find a used box and go sliding!

Good luck with your build. :salute:
Thanks for the response! If I can find one at a reasonable price that may still be an option. i would still have to find a gear, sell the prop and get the correct one, and modify the cage..if I did do that though, Will that SBC bolt up to that engine stand just fine?

Is the only difference between a DD stand and a gear box stand the placement of the stand itself?
My guess is the prop won't clear the stand. Most of my experiences have been when you try to modify something to work, it would have been easier to just start from scratch.
Thanks for the reply Gary S. That may be what I end up doing, just depends on what I can find a new stand for $$ wise, or if I can find a gear box reasonably priced to use the existing stand