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engine stand

Has anyone ever made a one time use open female mold to make a fiberglass mini hull ? I was thinking off using MDF and coating the inside with waxed polyester resin . Forming the 2 inch radius in the corners is the part about which is the best way to due it. I was thinking of using drywall mud. Anyone have input ????????????
With so many different hulls available I don't know why you would want to go thru the work and expense to do this.
I built a one off mold for my flats boat, took 2 years to complete working almost every night after work. There is a great feeling of satisfaction when completing a project like this. And I was lucky it came out of the mold. Your comment on using waxed polyester resin throws a huge red flag. I would suggest you do a little research using google and youtube and maybe try making something smaller to start with. Maybe a gauge panel.