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Engine Stand


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Hello guys I currently have a stock SBC on my airboat with a ch3 Belt drive. My questions is I'm trying to put a BBC on that same engine stand, and I'm wondering if

A. It will fit
B. How to know if it doesn't fit.

Sorry if this seems overly simplistic or if I'm not asking this correctly I just got into the sport and not a great mechanic.

Any feedback helps

Pretty sure the short answer is no and I would recommend you go to a shop for your own safety and the safety of the community but I’m certain the more knowledgeable will be along shortly to advise further ….. there is absolutely nothing about an airboat to take lightly
The small block and big block share the same mounting and bellhousing patterns so yes the big block will bolt right up.
The short answer is YES but what might be a problem is the clearance for the front of the motor. A BB block chevy is longer than a small block from the balancer to the forward motor mounts. If I remember correctly it is a 4" difference and that can change depending on short water pump to long water pump.
Secret. Get big block power from small block. Blueprint manufactures a SBC 454. Fits where any SBC has fit. Dyno sheet shows 590 torque and 582 HP. Mine turns 3 blade 13" wide 82 inch Sensenich JR and runs with anybody.