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Epoxy on one blade to repair prop but not the ither


Prop was patched and repaired before i bought it. 72 inch 2 blade. Only one prop was damaged and not the leading edge but near the tip. Patch coming off, removed patch then covered with epoxy and will sand smooth. But what about tip balance? Should I just replace?


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terrible ted

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Well, if not balanced that bad to start. Most likely they won't refab that blade. I have a 3 blade with some scallops on two blades not sure if they fix it? If I did the carbon repair, I definitely make sure the weight of each blade matched.


Thanks, Yea, it was not good, I did get to ride one day for a couple hours on it though and was super fun. The year on the blades has alot to do with it as well apparently. I checked the year with them and they said no they wont repair them. so I have some almost Identical props on there, two blade bowtie, about 72 inch in diameter. Now just need to figure out the pitch and set it and test it. then try and get back out there.