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Every bodys gone airboatin


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You can tell everyone's out having a good time at the reunion
I've never seen this forum this slow, I could only count four
posts on three topics. I'm a little green with envy.


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just got home good to put faces to names. great weekend if you couldt make it pictures coming probly 300 boats.


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Sorry we did not get a chance to meet Plum unless you bought 50/50 tickets from me at the shindig. But it was a great time with all. Beautiful night Saturday night. Thanks to KRVSA and Big Daddy for fixing the food and making me some frog legs Saturday night since I missed out in the afternoon. Had a great ride and met some new people. Had a good time Saturday night back at the Liars Lodge with some old friends. Sorry Skeeter but I am posting, I hope you feel better tomorrow. You were fun to hang out with Saturday!!! Had a great time riding Sunday as well with some old friends and some new ones. Red Dwarf it was nice to put a name with a face and you are welcome in our area anytime. That is one pretty boat and you did a great job!!!
Anyway, another one has passed and no one wanted to go home. I will see some of you this coming weekend at the races.


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Plum Crazy - I did not get to meet you.... but I saw you out there!!!

I was sitting on the MLK Ridge (as Unkle Bubba so politically correct has named it LOL) and I saw Jdotson's triple rudder boat come by followed by a purple blur. After adjusting my sunglasses and squinting.... I figured it must be Plum Crazy!!!!!! :lol:

However, you guys arrived just a moment before we were going to move along, and we did not get the chance to meet ya in person.

DANG!!! THere were a lot of boats out there!!!!

Has anyone heard from Robby Bondurant? His boat is AWESOME especially for a first boat built by hand. He had a few bumps in the road, and took off to make some repairs. As I was leaving, I heard he was on his way back. Robby - it was an honor to meet ya!

Same to you Wood. You are yet another class act among the world of airboaters.

You guys ROCK!!!


P.S. Dakota - what are you talking about Skeeter? He's alright in my book. In fact, he's a hero!!! I witnessed him several times keeping the walls of the Liar's Lodge from falling over. :lol:


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mood, that purple blur was my son roscoe, nobody could get me off the little rig me and the dotson boys put togeather, the little thing is way to much fun.


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Plum - then I saw you in that little boat. Several times that day I seen you!!!! I'm sure everyone I was with got sick of my saying "I want to get TWO of them little boats and put them BOTH on ONE trailer"!!!!!

Yeah, they look like a lot of fun.

I saw the young guy on the purple boat, and recalled something about JD's pop-n-law. I figured I must have got it wrong because there is noo way that young guy was anyone's dad-ini-law.

It all makes sense now!!!

Still sorry I messed getting a chance to meet you out there..... there's always the next one.

Same to you JD.... I had a chance to meet you at the Milk Bus the night you smacked into that tree. Maybe one of these days we'll both be hanging out at the same hangout at the same time. LOL

Glad you had fun! Plum - yes that little boat looked like a BLAST!!!!!!!! Did it handle the numerous wakes and rough stuff alright? There was not much freeboard on any of those little low-slung boats.

that'd be my only fear. Otherwise, you'd have a hard time getting me off one too!!! I'm not sure I'd want one as my ONLY boat, but as a TOY..... no doubt!!!!



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It seemed like every time I was pulling up everyone else was leaving. There were about 10 boats in the group I was riding with so we had a few delays traveling from one spot to another. I did get a chance to talk to quite a few SA members Friday night at the bus.

Saturday night didn't have as many boats as I thought would be out there but we found Rich Andrews and his group and the party was on. We made it in around 3 A.M. Sunday morning and had a great time. Rich you need to let me know when you're going to be running around Moore Haven.


Man, where do I start? I had a marvelous weekend

I met a lot of folks and they were all great.

Rick, great to finally meet you. Wish you could have stayed for the fun.

Dakota, thanks for the comments. Great to meet you and Chris. Y'alls boat is very impressive, rides like a Rolls Royce!

Mood, I enjoyed seeing your maps. Please make one of Orange and Lochloosa!!!!

Robbie, your boat is reeal purty. SOrry we didn't get to ride again after you fixed it.

Geneva: Dave's not here?

Skeeter: Gatorade man, Gatorade! :D

Bravo, great ridin with you, hope I didn't blow water on you too many times.

Big Daddy, thanks for the complements. Your boat is gorgeous.

Safari Rick, thanks for the shrimp! Still love the rudders.

A1, Bandit & Mrs Bandit, Stan, JDotson, Rich, John, Glenn, Scott, Swampjet, Thunder, FoMe, Seminole County gang, and everybody else, I hope we meet again soon!

A very special thanks to CNTRY for getting me unstuck TWICE

and a VERY special thanks to Basket and Ms Wizard for introducing me to everyone and showing me around. You made me feel like I was home



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Hey ya'll,

I reserve the right to edit this post due to my brain hard drive anti-virus being expired!

In no particular order....

Rick, Good to see you Friday night. We flew the awesome S.A. banner on Saturday on the boat, (hope someone got a pic of it).

UncleBubba, I don't think I've ever, or maybe will never ride again on such a beautiful night! Full moon, water like a mirror. Really glad ya'll could make it Friday night!

Red Dwarf, Good to finally put a face with a username. You did an excellent job on the building of your boat, it is an awesome boat.

Thunder, Lot of your boats on the river this past weekend. I wish I could be there to see them race next weekend. Good luck :thumbright:

A1, Your boat is not even the same boat! Excellent job :salute: Needs to be a lot sooner before we ride together again!

Bravo1218, Now that I know the what the "secret" code 1218 is used for I promise to keep the secret! Good to ride with you again all weekend :cheers:

Skeeter and LeeAnn, Best of company award this month! Gotta love that bass boat trick :D Hope your head feels better :wink:

Geneva, Always good to ride with you and your family! Hope to see ya'll soon :hello2:

Cntry, The new boat is awesomely quiet! We could not eveh hear him pull up onto the bus Friday night when he got there! Excellent build :salute:

Stan, Good to see you and Cheryl again. That dog sure has had grown into a beautiful lab from the little pup she usta' be!

JDotson, Good to ride with ya'll again! Cadillac power all over the river this past weekend :wink:

Plum, The boys boat is an awesome little rig as well as the plum boat!

Robbie, Awesome job on the boat! Sorry about not being able to re-group Saturday night. We'll ride again soon :thumbleft:

FoMeAirboater, Award for "first on the scene" at the picnic! What time does that woman make you get up in the morning :wink:

BigDaddy, Nobody puts on a feast like the KRVSA, you, Big Gobbler and all the support from the loyal members of the KRVSA! Don't get any better than this.

Tom, Glad you finally got registered with S.A. :cheers: Can't wait to see what your build will be, gonna be awesome!

Safari Rick, good to see you again. Been awhile, awesome shrimp!

Rich Andrews, Love the boat! Gotta ride together again sooner!

Bandit and Bonnie, GTO boats rock! See ya'll soon!

CC and Dakota, Sorry for the snoring Saturday night :D See ya'll soon, keep everyone safe over there at the races next weekend!

Mood, Pretty dang good last outing for the short time you have left as a bachelor!

BPS, Nice sled! Wish we coulda caught up to you to ride with!

Swampjet, Woodswoman and Bonnie, Really good to see the support. Good luck in the elections next week!

:wav: :wav:



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What a great weekend.Great seeing you guys again and meeting the new faces.Wish I could have made the run back with you guys Sunday morning from Cypress,but my head felt like there was a drum set going off inside.So I needed to slip out early.But I'm not complaining we had a great night Sat at the Lodge.Bandit thanks for the help(Captain)LOL.

Daddy Dave

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Wore out, but Well Worth It.

BTW.....anybody have an idea who was howling at the moon at 3:30 am on Friday night at Liars Lodge? Pretty good tone and volume