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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Aircraft Cylinders


Interesting Article


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Very nice article, didn't realize until the end it was from 1995. Would be nice to see an updated version if there's been any changes to the author's perceptions.

John Fenner

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Great read,
I have overhauled many cylinders, the section about Cerminil is correct, very soft, ring ridge wears to the steel at the choke of the bore, ok, now the "choke" is caused by the "pinch fit" of the cylinder head to the barrel.
Channel chrome has a lifetime of service, my preference for builds unless going total seal "gapless" rings which have chrome faced rings to interlace with the top or second ring, you must use steel or nitride cylinders for that.
Valve guide wear, main cause, improper valve work, seats not ground to center of guides, proper angles etc, engine hot, shut it down, valve seated in off center state, warps the valve, thus hammering the guide once up and running again.
So many things to list, so many hacks out there, surprised there isn't a small plane wreck every 5 minutes.