Excess funding from Raffle proceeds?

What to do with excess funds from O.A. II ?

  • Create a "trust" fund/account for next years run

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  • Excess funding to go to S.A. "Site Support' (without S.A. we would not be here anyway)!

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  • Excess funding should go to airboating's Bonnie Basham(our attorney fighting for us in Tallahassee)

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I voted for the trust fund before I read the entire thread. I've kinda been out of it for the past week or so (herniated disk/sciatica flared up again).

We're doing okay as far as Site Support....let's spend it on the troops now.

Besides, I know if we ever get in a bind, all I'd have to do is ask.

To everyone involved in this, I am truely proud to see a sense of ethics come out in this group decision. Spend it now or later is fine either way, but spend it where it was intended. That to me makes a huge ethics statement for all to see.

Makes me proud to be associatin with the likes of yall buncha redneck airboaters.

Scotty :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
i give my extra money to the special operations warrior foundations. the money goes to the fallen comrades of mine to pay for college for there kids or anything there family needs we are a small group of the military so the money for these things really doesn't come around, we might get all the cool gear and guns but the family thing is not there. thats why we support ourselves with things like this. the big military has alot of support. but the guys who fight the dirty fight with no thanks need help to, and thanks to guys like ROSS PEROT we can help our fallen comrades.
I agree with Ms. Wizard. I think that is a great idea and I personally do not have a problem with her doing that. I know they love those calling cards and I think that would be perfect for them. My best friends son is there and I know he appreciates a calling card so he can keep in touch with his family.
I'm sure ya'll probably know this, but all calling cards are not created equal. Be sure to get the ones that can be used FROM overseas to call the U.S..

Hey ya'll,

One more day before the timer runs out on this poll....

Thanks for everyopne's input and I think it's safe to say that the troops will get overseas calling cards with any excess funding from this raffle.

I'm glad to see the poll also showing that some of us do feel strongly about our lobbyist and also about Southern Airboat Site Support.