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FAA in LA ???


Silent Prop
R. I. P.
Wow I am gettin confused here now but that is nothing new for me.
I keep seeing all these proclamations for the FAA and the FAA has no real members right?

Stan menbtions he didn't see the FAA in LA right?

I seem to remeber the FAA had a hand in the misinformation about the call for boats to go to LA which was posted on the airboat trader site.

Just exactly what did the FAA do during KATRINA to earn all these proclamations ?

Now I know this will make some angry but inquiring minds would like to know. I am sure there is someone who went out there who saw the FAA in some sort of support role or active role and maybe even has some pictures of it.

I seem to remember the LAKE COUNTY AIRBOAT CLUB sent folks. I know Sniper went, I know Big kavar went. There were some guys from southeast florida who went and put their normal jobs at the post office at risk and I believe someone down that way got sick from breathing in the prop spray. I know that guy from LA sunk his boat Passtime? I Think.

All this is about is to get credit to where it is actually due. the politicians issuing these proclamations are doing so at the guidance of someone and some did go but was the FAA really there or just a wannabe there.

I was impatiently waiting on the go ahead to head that way but it seems the group I was watching was waiting on the contracts to come through spelling out how much they would pay us and what support we could expect. I didn't really care about the contract but no one came up with official travel papers and it seems that the LAKE COUNTY CLUB ran into that very problem when they got to LA.

So someone clear this all up once and for all please becaus eI am confused and I hate that, all these different stories in private but lets put it out in the open and clear it up. Thanks
Heres my take on the FAA. Anyone who belongs to SA is ALSO an FAA member by affiliation. Therefore the FAA can be credited for its members being there. Any organization is its members not its head-shop anyway so it seems to fit.

Besides if the antis are scared fo the FAA I'd build them up as big or bigger than life. Seems thats in our individual interests. They are supposed to be our UNBRELLA organization. I saw that in something acknowleging just that.

As far as credit goes if you do something for someone and expect credit for it, then you have done it for yourself not for the person in need. What counts is when you help and no one knows.

Whitebear - this all went down before you joined us. Some of remember the pain and agony of wanting to help, and the confusion, and the rollercoaster of saddle up and STAND DOWN messages.

The confusion was understandable, it was a disaster of mammoth porportions!

THe issue was muddied by an outfit out of Tennessee who makes a living from gov't contracts cleaning up after disasters. They were offering an absurd wage per hour for airboats to go in there. I'm still not sure if that whole ordeal was a hoax or not, but it sure did mess things up. THey threatened s/a with lawsuits and charging us "One million dollars per word or letter" for what they called slander when our rage over having the tools but not being let in came to a head and as a group we turned against them. I'm not even going to mention that name - except in code... Feline Five.

It was a heartbreaking time for everyone. All the tension resulted in much of the posts about it being deleted. I found one which had not been deleted, here: http://www.southernairboat.com/phpBB2/v ... php?t=1206
And upon re-reading it, I could feel the tension, although the worst of it has been deleted and rightfully so. What a fiasco!

I'm not sure who when under what authority. I know Terri Latner of Airboat World Magazine went with a group from GTO airboats. They were at odds with the FAA at the time over this, as I recall. But they went and got'r dun. I believe others went on their own as well. There were some sparks.

Well, trying to stay indifferent about this here... this is the facts as I recall them.

Yup that was before I joined up. I remember reading the forum before I joined and seem to remember some of the posts.

That really isnt what I was addressing but you and others make a powerful point with this.

People who just go get-er-dun are always the best folks to have around.

I am indifferent too I just asked a question. If you think your a member of the FAA scotty just show up and try to speak at one of the FAA meetings. I have always been told you can come lookee see but not speak. I seem to remeber the FAA being upset about some going also mood. I always wondered if the lake county airboat club got the FAA blessing to go or if they just went and then the FAA wanted credit for it with these proclamations. I was only curious if the proclamations were being properly awarded. it was a very tense time for airboaters watching all those people needing what we had and us not being able to get to them. My brother works for FEMA and even he has dropped the ball on getting the info from HOMELAND SECURITY to get a group registered to respond quickly this year if needed. It was really funny they wouldn't let us in because we needed papers and the ones who got in were getting shot at for trying to help not by the authorities but by the folks they went to help. My other brother works for a power company and they went in to restore power lines and they were getting robbed off the poles by people with guns they would just walk up and point a gun at them and order them down and rob them and then walk away with their wallets. go figure, sorta makes you wonder why even bother huh. But some of the folks really needed and appreciated the help they got so it was worth it.

Like I said it was just a question because I seemed to remember things a little differenlty than was spelled out in the proclamations I was reading thats all and Stans post brought it to a boil, it was time to ask the question.
Maybe I misunderstood our standing with FAA. Guess I need to do a rethink. I knew we didnt have voting rights but to even speak? Could this be possible?????>?>?>?

I'm blown away with even the notion that someone willing to help even MIGHT need some kind of documentation or letters or permission in order to help. If, and I say IF, thats the case then when I return to CONUS, my boat will stay parked while they go it on their own with their cronies with "proper" documents. I certainly have no intent to ever ask anyone if I can go help someone. This sounds like a HUGE can of worms that needs to be made public and got out in the open for all to see.

Guess I'm still living under a rock..........

Cntry and Stan, Seems there is (more than meets the eye) going on here. Some interesting points being made. I can't help but think that there seems to be more than whats being posted. There must be some info that folks are getting a hold of or at least looking in to. I'm finding myself in whitebears shoes now and feel confident that others that are reading this are thinking the same. Some interesting issues are definitely being brought up. Starting to look like all this can turn into a sure enough s**t Storm. Air boats and Politics are very interesting. Cntry I know how Passionate you and Stan are about air boating and am willing to listen. Looking forward to seeing you guys at Loughmans :D Rick, Sure wish you could be there :lol:
wade it was a stressful time then but it seems I remeber someone from the FAA called the group that left from GTO a bunch of renagades at the time, i think that was the group teri latner (airboat world) was with if memory serves me right. NOW if any of my memories are wrong someone who knows more than I remeber just jump on in here and set it down in writing once and for all.

It just bgripes my butt that if the FAA wasn't behind them going then why on earth would they be pushing for proclamations now. I know I am not totally brain dead and I had conversation with teri then and she indicated there was a lot of opposition to them going. Stan is an honest trustworthy man whom I would trust with my life and he doesn't remember any FAA direct involvment either in the organization or expenses involved. I just want the truth out in public no more B.S.

I have no agenda against the FAA they can continue doing what they do. This is about truth and integrity and guts of those who went against all the odds, the ones who tried to get the proper paper work and didn't wait on some company in tn. to wave the dollar at them before they leeft. just like the guys who went from broward area that were recognized by the red cross. I know what it is like to be the first in ... the last out ... and the first forgotten. I am just askin for an accounting of who did what when and how plain and simple.
Read the Collier Proclamation again...

It says some airboaters went to New Orleans after Katrina, and that the FAA is GOING TO organize an effort to rescue animals.

That's important too. At first glance, I thought the proclamation was for rescuing humans.

WHEREAS, these volunteer airboaters, as members of the Florida Airboat Association, are engaged in creating an airboat rescue service for the animals who also are victims of disasters like Hurricane Katrina.

The proclamation did not list names of INDIVIDUALS to give praise for going to LA. The only name listed is the Florida Airboat Association.

All that legal-speak is confusing. Am I reading this right? The FAA is engaged in creating an airboat rescue servce for animals after disasters like Hurricane Katrina? That's VERY cool! But isn't a press release more appropriate for news like that? What is the significance of an 'official' proclamation like this?

Mood I thought that I saw mentioned in another post that as members of air boat clubs you fall under the FAA umbrella.