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FAA meeting / SA run

should we plan a different ride location

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OK, I haven't gotten the details for the FAA meeting yet :evil: , BUT, I do have more details for March. March 4th (saturday) is a swap meet at GTO airboats in Ocala. Plans are being made to have a get together for the entire family complete with kid stuff and all. That leaves March 5th (Sunday) to have a ride at Orange lake/Lake Lockloosa ( one of my favorite ride areas). We could meet at Marjory Rawlings State Park which has boat ramp and restrooms. Lunch could be at Burnt Island. There are also lots of great fishcamps to stay at. IF this is of interest, then let me know and I'll get more info posted.



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You are so right Big Feather. It is not the FAA fault it is who is hosting although I am not trying to lay blame. They just have not made the final decision as of yet. Like I said before, you can ride where you want to ride. We have to drive down there anyway because of the meeting and I would like to ride. So Basket no stress there. We can ride because we will be there Sunday morning. But we all need to calm down and take it easy. We are several weeks away and it will all work out.
I am also game for pitching my tent. We had fun at the bus and hopefully airboat4fun will be able to take us on a tour on Sunday.

Country put that little redneck friend away and calm down. :lol: Love ya


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Ok something I was just thinking about. People are acting surprised when the talk about having a ride with the FAA meeting. If I remember right and if we go back and look at the posts, we talked about doing the ride with the meeting because there are several members that have to go to the meeting and everyone agreed.

Just a thought.

Swampjet we are going to make our plans now for sure. I am excited.


Dakota, Cntry will calm down the day Hell freezes over. I don't look for much improvement til then :lol: !
Engine's on order .... Granny and I are really hopin to be able to ride with you guys this time.



Hey Cntry, I will be out there all day Sat and will be happy to show you around. I figure we could run around and burn up some fuel. To do a real good loop through that area will be about a 75 mile round trip from Holiday. I haven't gone from there in about 15 years because its 20 miles from my camp where the alley ramp is 9, but it is a very easy trail to follow, it's almost like a highway up to the miami canal. I will be staying the night at my camp and welcome others who would like to join in, I may not have enough beds for everyone in the camp but it is on a nice island for those that want to tent it. If anyone intrested is in riding Sat and/or camping out sat night lets get together and get it planned, and then get everyone together for a good sunday ride. Looking foward to meeting you all and putting some faces to the names.



There you go!
Thanks for that offer Larry!
Even if people don't camp, they can still link up, and Larry knows the area, like he know how to mow his backyard. Thats the important thing.
I agree with woodswoman, and Dakota.
I have been waiting for this one for sometome now. I thought it was gonna be an awesome ride.

In the glades, and hardcore Southern Airboaters getting to meet many other south Florida Club members, and all kinds of folks down there getting meet us. I thought it was gonna be a chance for many of our hardworking airboating embassadors to see Southern Airboaters in action, and out in force.

I thought this was gonna be the BIG ONE. Still can be.
I would'nt care if the meeting was gonna be in Ocala, I would still wan't to go.

Hope we can hold out for the ride plans to come together on this one.
If the ride don't happen, I'd still like to get down there for the meeting.
I'll ride with ya Larry, CC, Dakota, Team Basketcase, Woodswoman, and any other airboaters S/A or otherwise.


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Hey Larry. I think we will be camping out Saturday night. We had so much fun before so I hope this island can handle the crazy rednecks. And I hope it has alot of firewood because it may be cold. Or I can snuggle up in Basket and Ms. Basket's tent with that huge heater. :lol: But yeah we are ready and we will ride Saturday after the meeting and on Sunday as well.


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Larry, I'm thrilled to know that you know the legendary Everglades so well, and are willing to lead us into unknown swamps! Can we tag along Saturday? We are planning on staying overnight.... probably "tenting it". But would like to ride as much as possible to see the 'glades like they were meant to be seen, on an airboat!

Thanks for volunteering your time and knowledge, and camp.


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movement ... its a wonderful thang. Thank you Larry your offer is appreciated and welcomed. Does this mean you are gonna be the ride co-ordinator ?? Thanks really.


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I hope this ride in feb materializes. I have been looking forward to rideing 3a for a while. I plan on bringing the whole family.


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Friday ride would be great for me. I have to be up in Ft. Lauderdale on Thurs and am trying to get the weekend off. If I can I would love to ride friday and saturday and possibly sunday. Just let me know where everyone is going to be.


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Well this thing certainly has taken on a life of it's own.
Larry, THANKS for stepping up.
Laura & Cntry thanks for thinking of me.
Since the run has to be that weekend and I have other commitments I will not be able to accomidate the group. I would have really liked to be a bigger part but I guess that is the way it is going to be. I spoke with the bride-to-be yesterday and it looks like the rehersal and dinner is going to be friday night. I have to work during the day so friday night, saturday and saturday night are no good for me.
Maybe we can hook up on Sunday.


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Randy - we'll MAKE A POINT to hook up with you on Sunday! There are many reasons we want to ride down there, and you are one of them.

It's looking like our plans are to drive down Friday morning to the Basket Ranch. Some overnight hanging out with other who are doing the same, (cc & Dakota?) then a convoy over to the ramp on Saturday morning where we'll look for the cntry & Stan crews (and the rest of the SAO gang). From there, cc and the FAA guys will head out to their meeting (which is still a mystery) and those not attending will begin to see the sights on a ride and set up our campsite to get that weight out of the boats. By the time the FAA meeting is over, we'll converge on their location and we'll all take off on a ride.

Laura and I will plan on tent camping @ Duck with Larry's Crew and we're looking forward to hearing some good stories before retiring to our tent on Saturday night. Sunday morning, RIDE AGAIN! This time with Airboat4fun and others who can make it.

Laura and I would like to camp AGAIN in the tent on Duck Sunday night, (if possible) and then get a monday morning start on a little trip to Key Largo to visit her sister for a day or two.

How does this plan fit in with y'all's plans?

Larry asked "How Many". Larry - put us down for 2 tent camping. Is there anything (food or firewood) that we ought to plan on bringing to contribute and say thanks?

I hope this works. I'm glad it's starting to come together. Today is the last day I can ask for those days off form work.

It's gonna be FUN!!!! :D


EDIT: Dang typos


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We will not leave Melbourne until after Chris gets off of work. Je gets out at 5:30 so around 6:00 we should be heading out. We will be going to Basket's for sleepover as my kids would say. Then we will be off to the meeting Saturday and meet up with you all afterwards. I think we may camp out with you Matt. After the meeting we will have to ride out to camp to drop our stuff off and then off on the ride. So that is 2 people tent camping on our side. Let us know about firewood as well. When it gets closer we will decide about the food issue. I think we will bring some hamburgers and chips. When we get a little closer decide how many is camping so we know how much to buy.
Plan a ride for Sunday airboat4fun. And this is not the only time we are coming down there. Me and cchardt would like to come down there when there is no meeting to we have all day Saturday to enjoy.


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Swampjet posted about the FAA meeting. Take a look. It is in the airboat news section

Ms. Wizard

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Wow...I guess it's time to throw in my nickel. Seeing as how my husband says I have no "cents". Just kidding honey. 8) I sure am glad you all figured this out without any major bloodshed. Hey, if we were all the same the world would be an awful boring place to be. Anyhoo, I am thrilled some of our SAO family will be "sleeping over" for the Feb run. I agree with the plan of roughing it in the grass. As for ideas on what to call it...whoever posted "Class meets Grass" gets my vote. I also kinda like "Swamp Fever".

Cntry...you crack me up. Or maybe it's that little redneck that's making me laugh...love ya..mean it! You are welcome at our place too you know.

Matt and Laura, I would be honored to have the soon to be Mr. & Mrs. MoodRN "sleep over" .

Dakota and Chris, we owe you a night on the fold out! Just kidding....just get here!

Hope many can make this run that we have yet to meet.



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Ms Basket You know I know I am welcome there lOL. I am gonna rough it at holiday park more than likely with at least marcy stan cheryl steve cindy. We will probably run friday night and look for some frogs then go back in the daylight and see where we were LOL.

The last time I was in the glades I ripped a strip the whole length of the hull about 2" wide, ripped the rudder stick off, broke the seat stand on a rock. I have polymer now that steelflex was all we had back then.

Now Basket gets home friday night ,if it is just down the road he should meet us for some froggin time don't you know.

All this ride needed was a little kick start now the bubble is off center and we are gonna git-r-dun so come on come all camp in the grass,camp at the rv park,sleep in your boat on the canal bank but come on down.


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Hey ya'll,

Had to go over to Ft. Lauderdale today for training, (never too old right)!

The level water does look good still :lol:

Let's ride!



I'm now planning to go to Holiday Park, Sunday bright and early. Probably dark and early.

Find Stan to help me drag Country outta the tent, and give him a cup of coffee. Then RIDE.

Perhaps we can ride over to the Duck Camp, hook up, and Ride with the rest. I'm bringing reserve jugs of fuel, and I'll hang as long as you all want.

Looking forward to riding with all the S/A folks there, and anybody else who wants to RIDE.

It's some of the best riding I've seen anywhere yet, and I know y'all are gonna have a good time down there on Sat. Just be safe.

I'll be thinking about y'all while I'm looking at King Tut.

See ya Sunday in area 3a south.