FAA meeting / SA run

should we plan a different ride location

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Unlike my brother I am not locked in to viewing the King Tut traveling road show. I do however have to be in Jacksonville, FL Sun. evening so that days ride will be out for me.

I am however thinking seriously about coming down on Sat. and hooking up with country, Larry, basket, and others. Is there a particular time you all will muster at Holiday Park? I would like to ride with you guys then I'll drive home that night. Is there anything in particular I would need to bring. I can be self sustaining in the food, beverage, and fuel categories, but would gladly bring something to share with the class if needed.
Please let me know.

I've made some trips to that marsh in the past and it is always a joy (aside from the 2+ hour one way drive from Jensen Beach).
The trailers got a flat tire, and the oil needs chang'in before you run it anymore!!

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, I borrowed one of the condensors outta your mag.


Have fun it should be ready to go.
Shame you can't ride on Sunday wearing the King Tut Delux T I'll bring you.
They make those fancy T's in my size? Hell while your in the gift shop see if they have any Tut coozies, or a bug Tut foam finger. I crack myself up.

Thanks again for helping mount that GPS and 12volt outlets yesterday. Your the best big brother in the whole world!!! I'll miss you on Sat. and I'll be wishing I was with you on Sun.

Love ya man!!!
WP ... a sfar as I know right now there is only gonna be three at holiday park. Me, Stan and Steve but come on down we will be huntin the others down early ... sorta anyways depending on how late we frog or ride friday night. Thanks for the offer of stuff but we are all driving in to holiday so we should have all we need with us or we can go get it in a pinch. hope to see ya there
Thanks country, I'll shoot for around 7:00 - 7:30 unless that sound too early. Later won't hurt my feelings if that's the case. I'll be getting up aroun 4:00 to make it by 7-ish.
Looking forward to riding with you guys.
If you need some contact info you can shoot me an e-mail at symonsbs@bv.com.
Should I bring some eggs and bacon for all? How about some Dunkin Doughnuts? You guys name it and I'll bring plenty of it.
wp ,we'll probly have more than enuogh but just maybe a few slices of ham throwed in the pan would be a real treat maybe bring a pound if ya can. I'm getting hungry already!
One pund of ham, got it. See you guys Sat. around 7:00 am.
Are you guys primitive camping or do you have an RV? I stayed at Holiday Park for a couple months in 2004 while doing work at a near by electrical substation. I had an RV spot with water and electric only. I had to use the bath house for showering and such. It was not too bad. I'm just wondering where to start looking for you guys that morning.
They said all that was available was tent areas so we gonna rough it in the tents with air mattresses. I was gonna bring the motor home but have to load up boat each time so that is a pain. The store there is open 24 hrs and gas is right down the road and they have showers and so it was a big hit with the ladies. I didnt like leaving my truck at a baot ramp for days and the 35mm ramp has security but that is the FAA site and the 41mm ramp has no security and that was not a good option in my view. so we gonna rough it in the tents at holiday park. The RV is ok when you can launch once and retrieve once for a weekend and it is a must in the summer when it is hot LOL I do love my a/c on a hot buggy night. I guess the park is not really ready for the kareoke machine so that may not be on the agenda.
cntry141iq":2wch3mtw said:
I guess the park is not really ready for the kareoke machine so that may not be on the agenda.

You're dang right! NO place is ready for that Kareoke machine!!!!

I loved having it there at the bus at New Years. And I was not ready for it then either! I'll never be ready for that thing! But I'll always grin when I see a kareoke machine set up and turned up in the middle of a swamp.


Agreed with the kareoke thing, (although Stans recording of Dakota singing the blues might be worth something when she makes the "big time") :lol:

Wouldn't fret about the security at the ramp, (we can always move the trucks to 35 after the FAA gig if anyone is concerned). Decision to launch at 41 mm was due to the short ride to Duck with camping gear.

Traffic down here is real bad with ALL the snowbirds in the whole world here in Collier County now! S.W. Florida regional fair starts here this Friday night so avoid Immokalee Road, (C.R. 858 I think on a map).

Country I'm sure you'll have a ball this weekend, but I'd be surprised if the camping at Holiday was the highlight. It won't be quite like roughing it smoothly.
If you have some flip flops I'd suggest bringing them and wearing them in the showers. I'm not a neat freak or a germaphobe but I know the difference between clean and dirty.
I enjoyed my stay at Holiday Park don't get me wrong. When the wind was out of the north we could hear the ride boats all day long at the job site and enjoyed many a cool one down by the ramp in the evenings. If I remember correctly Fri. night was bike night and the had live music and food for that. I liked seeing the bikes and the characters riding them. With the fairs and carnivals making their yearly winter swings to the south your sure to have company in the tent area. As I recall a very lively bunch who enjoy bon fires, very large bon fires.
There were allot of Peacocks roaming the property when I was there too. I had no idea what a Peacock call sounded like, but I'll never mistake it for a Skunk Ape or prelude to a horrible car crash again. A large population of Racoon's too so keep your stores secure and trash hauled off.
Did I mention the bears.............
I am not ready for the karoke machine either. I had fun with it and thought it was cool to have our there in the middle of no where but I think I have had my fill of that thing. :D
Dakota, that's not what we hear ..... we heard you really got into it :lol: . Just kiddin, Lady.

Woods Pussy":3u1ndo79 said:
It won't be quite like roughing it smoothly.

I'm not sure what that sentence means.... but I like that phrase "roughing it smoothly"!!!


And I truly hope to see that Kareoke machine "out there" again someday!

"Roughing it smoothly" is a term our momma used to use to describe staying at a Holiday Inn. With 7 children in the family however we never saw the inside of any Holiday Inn's. When we traveled we roughed it roughly....., or roughtly roughed it,...... or whatever, it was never the Holiday Inn.
Geez Mood, I got a bit spun up there at the end of the translation. No offense man.
Woods Pussy,

I gotta tell ya that Cntry aint' "skeered" easily, ('specially' by some circus freaks or bears)! I think he said he was gonna clear the camp for breakfast Sunday morning for us, (just not sure how)!

I got some neighbors with peacocks, (I think it would break my sound meter from 50 feet in any attempt to measure the sound of em')!

Just heard this morning that the toll on Alligator Alley will increase from $1.50 a car to $2.50 a car this Sunday morning, (I think they charge you another dollar an axle after that). Bring lots of quarters or take S.R. 29 like we do to get to the "Alley'. Weatherman over here is callin for a little rain possible Saturday night.

got a cold front comin through friday night into sat. looks like rain late friday night early sat morn before sunrise until around 8 or 9 according to doppler predictor BUT WHADDA THEY KNOW