FAA meeting / SA run

should we plan a different ride location

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I know Robert, just when we thought Cntry was on top of his game he goes and muffs it again ...... :? .

Look guys I had the weather thing all figured out and turned it over to basket for the final days and look what happened. LOL oh well it is hard to get good help these days and then they wanna get paid geez go figure.

Now as for breakfast ... If the froggin is good enough I will have a pot of grease ready at holiday for sun morning breakfast of eggs and leggs. Now if the froggin is not any good well we will have to improvise somehow but that should not be hard to do. basically ya'll bring it on and we will have a fire to cook it on.

I am gonna leave around 1 on sunday if possible so as to get home for the super duper bowl.

twas the night before the run and all through the glades not a frog was croakin

for they knew southern airboat was comin and soon they would be chokin
on shiny steel points placed at the end of fiberglass spears

just after dark there came such a clatter it was airboats awash with flour batter

on mood, on basket, on swampjet, on stan, on country and all the others in search of the golden eyed treasures such mouthwatering morsels.

for to have anything else for breakfast just wont do ... might as well eat an old shoe.

ok I give up I never said I was a poet anyways
That's a good one cntry! I can just see that PBS guy, sitting in his hi-back chair, smoking a pipe, and with book on lap, reading that great poem!!!!

Looking forward to them legs-n-eggs!



It was my job indeed to take care of the weather, (that's why I asked for the rain was to keep the skeeters down)!

Cntry, Don't quit your day job :D

Well, we made it back from the south.... after a planned extended stay @ side trip to the Keys. I have to say that I love it so much down there.... I really want to move there. And I think I will. ;)

I must offer a thanks from the bottom of my heart to one of the most interesting CHARACTERS I've ever met.... Larry's Dad - Gordon. Gordon - if you get this...... YOU ROCK! I'm so jealous of Larry for having you as part of his family! If I can't be related to you, I'll be proud as I can to call you a friend. I could listen to your stories for YEARS. I want to return and help you haul and build over at Hawk. But most of all, thanks for your amazing and most gracious hospitality. I know a class act when I see one.... and brother, you are IT. Proud to know ya, Gordon & Larry.

We stayed overnight after everyone left. The generator was silent, and the marsh was alive. It was superbowl sunday, and I think Laura and I were the only two human beings out in the everglades. It was like a booster shot for my soul. I could easily become addicted to that life, leaving the camp only to take care of business, shopping and to vote. City Life... Leave it all behind? You would not have to ask me twice!!!! I'm there!!!

Yes it was raining on Saturday. It was a light drizzle when we left the ramp, and after 5 minutes, became a hard downpour. I had pretty good raingear, but I did not button/snap/zip it right, and got soaked to the bone in chilly coldfront rain. I thought to myself.... "Self, you can be miserable or not." I voted for "not" and had fun with the challenge of how to dry everything out. Everything in the boat was soaked including clothes and sleeping bags. I won the challenge, a warm fire and creative use of clothes lines had everything dry within 18 hours. Cntry - I noticed some dryers in a laundrymat at Holiday... Were you out of quarters? LOL

The weather made a turn for the better around sunset on saturday night. And I never saw such beautiful sights on Sunday and Monday. The "moodmobile" performed better than expected in those waters AND LANDS. And apart from some scratches in the slickbottom, has come from the glades a better boat.... we are now froggers! Thanks cntry for parting with one of your old frogging poles and a lamp. I took Laura out Sunday night and we saw a few... and she got one. (our first) which we decided to feed to a baby gator. I still need some practice.... but I had such a good time - that practice time will come for sure! Cntry. Thanks for opening a door (months ago when you took us out and showed us froggin') and then for shoving us thru the door by getting us started on the right equipment. I know I'll be buying some more froggin' gear REAL soon.... both Laura and I are hooked.... (or should that be gigged?)

Late on Monday afternoon, Laura and I loaded up our boat and headed back. It was no problem finding the right trail.... Laura had the GPS in the backseat - I was following my instincts. Both agreed and we drove straight ot the ramp. Well, not straight to it.... we did see a "Seahawks" helium balloon sitting in the water, and some stray beer bottles floating upside down. We stopped to "leave it a better place than when we found it" as was the case with the camp. We left a little food, and took a little trash from there too.

We left our boat at Pete's house for the night and drove on down to Islamorada for a day. It was fun, warm, and beautiful there too! After returning to Davie to get our boat, we headed for the nearest bed we could find.... which was Laura's "work house" in Winter Haven.... a good night's sleep and we meandered home to orlando this afternoon.

What a fun trip!!! I can't wait to do it again!

Thanks FAA, Broward Club, and Southern Airboat. And thanks to all our good friends and our new friends too. We had the times of our lives out there the last few days!!!!

Life is Good!

matt & laura.
Mood and Laura sounds like you had an awesome adventure. So glad you all enjoyed yourselves. I can really relate to the renewing of the soul to be alone and stand with nature. That is really living! That is my idea of living. Thanks for sharing this post.