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Feb Ride-3a South


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Put in at the big ramp at 35 mile marker and ran south on "Andrew Ave" trail which is the long north-south trail shown in the picture above. Thump and bump for the first half mile, then went to waist deep down south where we were duckhunting. But way west toward the microwave is another area altogether and Capt Randy knows it better than anyone. Why the hell are they pumping like this...its ridiculous-----they drown us all summer then dry us in the winter for no reason. Typical SFWMD----watching the pumps run at Holiday park made my ears turn red.....Charles

Olf Art

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Charles, nothing a government agency does makes sense. I think it's half the reason I have to take blood pressure medication. olf


There's plenty of hotels out west , that are fairly reasonable. But with the Super Bowl there isn't a Hotel Room available with in 50 miles and that's a fact. Its going to be crazy down here for the next couple of weeks. Not really sure how long its going to last , but we've do have some awesome area's to ride you guys will have a great time ...... come on'

Rich Andrews

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Charles....its' ANDREWS AVE...I gave them permission to use my name out there.

Those narrow grass trails are gonna be fun in the 8ft wide boats.


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i talked to frank him an others own crossroads camp on the miami canal told him about the feb ride at 3a and mentioned we could use some camping space for the ride he just said heck yea bring em on they got a great set up plus yall never met a better dude than frank ,and hes been runnin airboats down there forever an a day


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I don't think we will have a problem putting a run together, but we may want to avoid certain spots. I think it's a good thing we didn't wait until march. I will try to go out again this weekend and let yall know what's up


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Here is a list, aprox. distance from the ramp, and directions to a few of the gas stations near Area 3a...


Miccosukke Service Plaza-Mobil-(954) 217-9942
I-75 Alligator Alley mm 49
(aprox. 15 miles)
AV gas $ 3.69

Indian Trace - Citgo - (954) 385-6521
20 Indian Trace, Weston
from the west
I-75 east to Glades Pkwy exit 22, continue east on sr-84 aprox 1 mile. Right on Indian Trace, Left into shopping center
from the east
I-75 west to exit 21, Left on Indian Trace, Left into shopping center
(aprox. 15 miles)


Seminole Truck Stop - Citgo - (954) 434-0660
4690 hwy 27, Weston 33332
mm27 east side
I-75 to US-27 South about 5 miles (almost to Griffin Road)
(aprox. 17 miles)


Sunoco -
US-27 and Sheridan Street
I-75 to US-27 South about 8 miles
(aprox. 20 miles)
AV gas $ 5.25
110 race gas $ 5.95


Weston Exxon- (954) 217-6907
2620 Weston Road, Weston 33331
I-75 south to Royal Palm Blvd. get in the Left lane and go South on Weston Road to 1st light (Commerce Pkwy) go East for about 100 yds to "bypass" sign. make a left and follow the road back around to gas station
AV gas $ 4.95


I hope this info is helpful


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Just a quick plug for Matt (moodfood). He has a GREAT map of 3A for anyone not knowing the area. A good way to get around the area.


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Alright guys only 2 weeks to go, I went out yesterday and made the run. It covers 60 miles round trip. The route I want to take will bring us back a different way than we will come in, making a big loop around. I will post the GPS numbers for several stops along the way as soon as I get a chance.



I haven't heard from anyone else who knows the area, so I guess everyone will follow me in a group stopping along the way to let the group catch up and making sure everyone is still with us. I need a little help planning from the ones that plan on leaving the same day. What time would you like to get back to the ramp? The sunsets at about 6PM. Do you think this is a good time to get back? For those lucky ones who are staying overnight, we will ride at night.


I'll come and help ya.
I'm a slowpoke, so I'll help get any stragglers to the next stop.
I'll call ya later man.

Anyone who has not ridden 3a before.


Hey Y'all,
I spoke with Randy today, and the water is looking good.
A little sticky getting out from the ramp-o-rama, but it's all good after that.

He's got a good loop planned that should be smooth sailing for all.
Should be "real skimboard" as someone said around here a while back.



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Looks like there might be a chance for a little more rain around friday/saturday. :notworthy: You gotta love Florida to go from freezing temps to low 80's in just two days.


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Here is a list of the stops planned along the way...
1. Andrews Ave.
2. Holiday Trail-Slough in front of Browns Camp
3. Holiday Trail-Slough near Hawk Camp
4. Corner of Posted Indian Land
5. Microwave Tower
6. Swimmin’ Hole
7. Everglades Hilton
8. Slough just West of Bergerons Camp
9. MM 35 Ramp-o-rama

If you would like the GPS #'s, Please send me a PM


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Hey everybody, since we are going to be out all day (and then some) I think it is fair to say we should EAT. I have a BBQ grill I can throw on the boat and I don't mind cooking burgers and hot dogs. Maybe someone could bring side dishes.
Or do you think it should be BYO?


I got a little grill I can bring out also if folks want to flip a burger in the woods.
Like a Hot Dog at the Ball park, they just seem to taste better out there than anywhere else!


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yall makin me hungry i honestly cant wait for the r&r get out of central fl and all the worries got pe90 running good thanks to jc stanley skimboard water 1 seat boat light as the wind a few soft drinks an some good airboaters doing what 99.9% of the world cant do im gonna do it till they tell me its aganst the the law that when il be a outlaw