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Feb Ride-3a South


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Hey ab4fun, looks like we are going to be able to make it. If any one needs a ride we should have space. Looking forward to meeting everyone.


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Alright now this thing is looking better all the time.

Sniper, If you are willing to make the 1000 mile haul and meet us at the ramp I will see to it you have a seat. I have a friend and his son who will ride on my boat also, I'll put the jump seat on the front. That's seating for 5 plus me.

who else is coming?


I wish I was gonna make it. The way my eyes are I seriously doubt I will be boating in the next week, maybe longer.
I already hit your boat once Randy, don't wanna make it twice :shock:

Y'all have fun and be safe



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Red don't worry about the boat, it is now just a visual aid for one of them swamp stories.
Scar are souvenirs you never loose, that and CHICS DIG EM.


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Here's the latest weather report...
Saturday Feb. 10

Partly Cloudy
High 76°F
Low 62°F
Precip: 10%

Wind: NW at 9 mph
UV Index: 6 High
Humidity: 71%

Sunrise: 7:01 AM
Sunset: 6:11 PM
Last Quarter Moon


Look'n good on the weather.

I was gonna check that out today, but you beat me to it.

Thanks Man.


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Hey everybody, just a couple days 'till the run and I'm askin again.
Is there anybody (other than Florida Cracker at 4pm) that wants/needs to get back, and doesn't know the way?
Some of the folks I've heard are coming should know their way around, to help get the others back.
I guess we'll see who shows on sat and take it from there.

How many plan on doing a lil' froggin?
For those who do I would suggest tryin your luck as little farther south, where there is more water.

How many just wanna hang out by a fire, share some stories, and maybe indulge a little sat.nite?

I haven't heard from anyone about lunch. (except safari rick who is bringin his killer shrimp) I will presume everybody else is going to fend for themselves, country boys will survive.
If I don't hear from anyone before I hit the store, I am only gonna bring a few burgers and dogs with chips for those in my lil group. I will still have the grill and charcoal if anybody else needs it.

The weather is lookin good and the water is rite, it should be a good time in the Glades.


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R. I. P.
I will be bringing stuff for my group to eat plus a little incase anyone else runs short. I wont have a grill so I hope I can borrow some grill space. I should also have some space on my boat if needed.
Looking forward to Sat.


I'm gonna meet everyone at the ramp.
We'll ride all day, and hang after dark.
Frog'in or no frog'in. Whatever evryone want's to do.

I'm gonna bring some burgers, and a small tailgait'in grill.
Anyones welcome to a burger while they last, or can flip thier own on my grill.

Look'in forward to this ride. It should be a good one.

I've got a few calls this week AB4fun.
I think there will be at least five more boats than you may know right now.



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Do ya'll really wanna go frawggin for these things!


Pretty mean looking little critters!



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Looks like I got most of my "issues" solved and will make the ride.

Probably arrive at the ramp sometime between 10am and noon.

Will catch up with the group sometime during the day.

Will be staying to frog for a while.

Will be at least 4 boats, maybe 6.

Hope to see y'all in the glades!



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well it is comin done to the wire and cheryl has the boat packed and ready to go. Hopfuly we'll show up at the ramp somewhere between 8 and 10.


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well I printed out the map an directions , got two cans of spare gas and boat is hooked up ever put a flag on the boat :D hopefully I will not get lost and see ya'll in the morning at the ramp around 9:30-10 am


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We are sitting at the Crossroads camp in 3A and loving the Sprint broadband card! The water is definitely low but not a problem running. Met Airboat4fun as we were putting in at the ramp and looking forward to riding with everyone tomorrow. :D


Well I guess I'll be seeing you all tomorrow morning, look forward to putting faces to a lot of names. Water looks like it has stayed the same as last week. should only have a problem by the canal but is ok once you get further south. C-Ya'll.



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Alright let’s see if this sounds right?
On the SouthernAirboat.com Feb. run in the Glades 2007, somebody broke down, somebody got stuck, somebody got lost, somebody almost sunk their airboat, there was a fire in the Glades, we saw the rescue chopper with hi-intensity lights at night, and the fire rescue airboat was dispatched and preparing to launch at mm41.
A bunch of folks had a good time and special THANKS to a few good-ol-boys working together, everybody is back safely.

For those of you who didn’t make the ride, you missed a great time in the Glades