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Fence Posts(OUCH)


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Skeeter, The North Brevard Airboat Club removed a bunch of them posts about 8 years ago. Dang near 200 posts all told. We piled em up at the rain shelter just north of Hatbill. Wasnt just a few years later they came back and put em in. The funny thing is we had praise from the SJRWMD for pullin em up and what a good service we were doing. Guess who paid to have put back... you guessed it! Our tax dollars at its finest. Its was our expierence that a tripod setup with a come a long worked the best. We tried every method we could think of, we even had a tractor with a boom, it just lifted the front. Pull em straight up, no problems.

deepsea diver

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Old Fart, I have put up alot of fences. I have even pulled a few permits.
Never have I seen a code requirement for fence markers. Have you ever seen one? Don't you think that the state or county would require them to be up if it was required.(the law)

Please justify your thinking, on how you would go on another mans propery and destroy his belongings. If that is your normal behavior, when you get caught. Please let me know when you go to court. I would love to see your face and hear your lame story. I would also like my children to wittness this. It would be a good example of what not to do. A good learning experience. Yes Sir!!!

I don't know who owns the property and I an not a lawyer. I know this is not the best media to express our thoughts. But I am scratching my head on this one. Please confirm your thought.

Ranchers are hard working folks. Blood and sweat. Same goes for crabbers and fishermen. You might not want to mess or destroy their equipmment or property. They have a certain way at looking at people who destroy or steal from them. Some say they have rough justice on the range or the marsh.

What I do know is that I have been called out many times to do body recoveries on the ICW, bays and rivers. I have seen ther result of people hitting day markers on the ICW, bridge pylons and spoil islands. Have seen alot of ugly things on the water. Jet skies, kicker boats, power boats and airboat. Have never seen the local LEO or coast guard cite the stationary object or the land owner. Never seen a pylon taken to court or put in jail. But every time the operator of the vessel was cited for impropper operation of a motor vessel or driving to fast for condition. OR the big one, "BUI".This goes for day light, night, rain or fog. The operator is at faught.

Those fence post are every where down here in central florida on the St Johns river. Been there for over 35 yrs. Seen people hit the banks, sand bar and palm trees. Less than 1/4 mile south of hwy 50 there is a cross on the bank. No hazard seen. Just a bend in the river.

You run Puzzle lake you better look out. Thats no bull shit.

You have every right to transit the waters up to the mean high water mark. The ownus is on the operator of the motor vessel to operate the vessel safely. I do not know where the demarcation line is on navagtional water, but it think it is on the south end of lake harney. or lake Jessup. There are no day shapes or marker south of 46. Thats why you do not see any aid to navigation on GPS chips or charts.

If you think breaking the law or tearing up personal property is going to do the airboat community a public service. You have that right to think that. You might want to take another look at your thought proccess. One awl shit destroys a thousand that aboys.

I am just glad our shipmate is alive and well. I saw them depart Jolly and everything looked in order. We ran by those fence post all daylong. It's dark out there.

After we rip all the fences down, let burn all the docks and ramps. Then go for the cabins!!!! Then we can work on the trees along the river as well.
Lets burn down the grass too. Lets make it safe.

Lets get the GPS numbers to more hazards and post them. When people go to new places they can enter them into their GPS's. It might give some one the heads up and prevent an accident. That one down in KISS has been mention a few times.

The map maker can chart them and consolidate the GPS #.

What say you? JMO, nothing personal

Skeeter, whats the number to the fl statute that you are looking at?

For Gods sake, becareful, its dangerous out there.

Olf Art

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Deepsea, I have to go back to my original post on this. There may not be a requirement concerening what is actually required with respect to how something is marked. I don't know.

What I do know is this ...... if I intentionally leave a situation for you that has the potential to cause you harm, and you are injured because of that hazard, then I am liable.

Also a part of my original post on this ...... with an attempt to make my point clearer.

I will be the last man you know who will attempt to take from you something that is not mine, and that includes sovereign right to your property.
If you have sovereign right to a submerged land that I'm running my boat over, then I'm trespassing and shouldn't be there in the first place.
My fault.

If, however, you do not have sovereign right over that land, and you have either through carelessness or indifference left a hazard in an area that I have a right to operate my boat through, and I'm injured because of your carelessness or indiference, then your ass is mine.
Your fault.

I don't know how much plainer I can make it than that.



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The rancher has a liability to keep his cows in. One, they are his and he wants to keep them, they mean money. Fences extend out into the water because when it gets low cows will wade out and around and get out.
Two, when they get out what happens if somebody hits one at
70 or 50 or even 35 mph? Ever hit a deer? Its not pretty. It's happened, call FHP they will tell you.

Fence rows that are unkept(no wire) just lone posts, should go. Like an earlier post said they are all around Curry Island. No more cows there that's for sure. And I'm sure there are alot of other examples of where the fences are no longer needed also. But you start messing around with
landowners and/or cattlemen and what they believe is their lawful right you will see some mighty powerful people come out of the woodwork not in support of the airboaters cause.

I'm sure there is still alot of fence posts that could go and should. But who is gonna say which ones? Maybe like Sniper says get with the FWC.

deepsea diver

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Olf Art, I did not know you had a law degree!!!

Back to my last reply. If you run into a wire and injure yourself you just operated your boat in a unsafe maner. There are fences out there that are covered with 10 ft of grass. You want to cut throught that grass at 20 mph and you come up short and injured or dead. The only ass you can blame is your self. Those fence post are put there for a reason and on private property. To keep the livestock in or to mark the land owners territory. You have the right to transit the water. You better do it safely.

You will have your day in court. Well judge I was driving my boat at 35 mph during the night, with no light on, only consumed 2 beers the whole day and I hit a fence in the middle of no where. It's not my faught.
The 12 people in the gallery will feel for you and try to hold back the laughter.

Flipping your boat or running into a wire in the middle of night is careless driving. When someone ask "did you see the fence post or wire" and you say yes or no. Then they say to bad you where driving to fast for the environmental conditions. Would this happen if you where going 2mph. If you say no, well you figure it out. You get to set your course and speed.
Your are responsible for your decisions and action.

No need in wasting anymore of your time or mine.

Your thinking is very entertaining and makes for some good laughing. ABTW. If the state owns those fence post, you will be cold and dead before it ever makes it to court.

I'll make a long standing bet with you. Lets say $50.00 bucks. If you ever have an boating accident and damage your boat or injure yourself or your passegener and LE comes out to help you out and you don't get cited for a violation I will pay up. If you hit a stationary object.

I hope this never happens, just a friendly bet.

Over and out. Please be careful and be safe. DSD


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Is this it?


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My My teste bunch on this one. LOL We been runnin fence jumpers long before they were called grass rakes. doo doo occurs so we just gotta deal with it. Fence posts are a fact of life or death in airboating just like trees and rocks and drop off banks in puzzle lake when its low water. If you are running some where that you are unfamiliar with especially at night you gotta bring her down a notch. Jdotson was behind me but he ran a different track than I did. I had been thru there three times that day and was lookin for them posts, mostly because I had to turn there to get back and also because they were a hazard I was aware of. I figure he just was a little off track. It all ended good and for those of us that were there we got a good story to rib him with. I was runnin about 30 mph and was a couple of hundred yards in front of him and stan. It coulda been any number of things that would cause an ejection, a mud tusset will do it just as quick as a fence post will. We will never be able to remove all the potential obstructions out there but if one or two come up missing and no wire is hooked to them it probably will be no big deal. If we go out in force and try to remove all the posts we probably will run afoul of some one or some law. So lets just handle like it has been done for all airboating history ... just accept it as a part of the way it is. You pays your money, you takes your chances.


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dont get me wrong diver but some ranchers think they own the world. let a river or creek change course and they will grab all the grazing they can but should that give them the right to plant telephone polls in the st johns river i thank not i grew up day working the reason these fences end up where they do is simple its teretorial lykes bros tryed to steal fisheatin creek and they failed maxcy an the kissimee river heck they would threaten airboaters with guns drive rebar in the marsh till the courts convince them they didnt own what they thought they did. as far as responsable airboat operation what happened to jdotson can happen to anybody anytime any place even you , no disrespect intended. alls well that ends well .mark em reflectors would work nicely.

deepsea diver

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CNTRY, thats just straight shootin. Just the facts and just real. I read you loud and clear!!!

PC, No doubt, These things can happen to anybody, and I have certainly had things like that happen to me. I put my pants on just like most, one leg at a time.

Only ran Kiss one time. Never came across someone planting traps to injure or kill someone. That just seems criminal to me and you are right. I would not like it. Yea, there always seems to be a few bad apples in all barrels.

All I can says is I did not see one bad apple last Sat. Great bunch of people doing the community a great service. All seemed to be having a great time.

PC, for an older fellow you are very agile. I was impressed by the way you crawled up in CNTRY's cage and repaired that rotor cap. You were on it like a rooster on a june bug. It was very entertaining seeing the boats get repaired and the help that was offered.

No disrespect taken and by no means any hard feelings. Just greatful everybody made it back home alive and well.


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hmgm123":2t1ekrgz said:

Is this it?

nice work hmgm - but I think the post JD thumped was about a mile or two south of there. It was at the south end of Puzzle Lake - near Johnson's Bend.

JD - if you hook your GPS to your computer, i'd love to get that track file via email. I'll find the exact spot, plus, you ran that one fence line, and that track file would would go far to increasing my own knowlege of that area. My gps was off due to dead batteries.

When it comes to fence post removal, it seems the determining factor is if there is wire attached to it. That seems reasonable enough.



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thanks it was wonderful riding that part of the river but as soon as i jumped in that morning i knew i was in for a airboat lesson in the words of clint a man got to know his limitations


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Hey PC I've always liked the line from Josey Wales....."endeavor to persevere" It always seems to go well with airboating adventures!


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R. I. P.

"Endeaver to persevere, so we thought about it, and when we had thought about it long enough we decided to declare war ...."

I have about endeavored to persevere as long as I'm willing LOL !

When yall about ready to declare war let me know Hahahahahah



Rich Andrews

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We have another problem to deal with down here they are called Malaleucha stumps....the idiots cut em down and leave the stumps.

My take on the fence post issue is real simple, phantom posts need to go. Functional posts should stay. But why not put up a marker if you know airboaters traverse the area?(because you hate them hunting your high water line).

Lake O has a bunch of them in areas you don't need to worry about, because it is drying up. Just be carefull at the Northeast corner at the end of the Moore Haven canal just before the monkey box, it's a real hull killer.


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We all should know or maybe survey the posts that need to go.But by no means should this post be getting out of hand.Lets just try to fix some troubled areas.Thanks for the input FlCracker0470


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Everyone has a good point. I am with some of you and I say take down the fence posts that are doing no good out there. But that means taking them out completely and not just cutting it below the water line. Someone may hit the bottom of that pole if the water goes down more. As far as hitting the pole, nothing against jdotson and not saying anything about him at all just making a point, I know when we go to a new area we try to stay right behind the person in front. We do that because we are not sure if there is anything on the sides or if the person leading is going that direction for a reason. The only time we take a different path is if we know that there is a good amount of water such as Lake Kissimmee or Lake Washington. But most of the time we ride behind someone until we get the lay of the land. But we all know things can happen no matter what we do. But I think Skeeter has a good idea, the poles that serve no purpose need to go. And from riding there just one time I can tell you I saw quite a few that needed to go because they were serving no purpose.