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Fence Posts(OUCH)


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Believe me, after hitting a post there is no offense taken here from anything said in this thread. I posted the following in another thread to respond to a post by Rich and thought I would put it here to help visualize the event...

The post was sticking out of the water about 6" to 10" and launched the boat in the air slightly. The jar threw me off balance and I spiraled around the rudder stick like a pole dancer. Unfortunately the stick gave way and I rode it down to the side of the boat where, at that point, we parted ways. If there is ever a lucky way to hit a fence post that would be it. No damage to the boat at all except for the bent stick.


Hey JD,
Don't feel bad man.
I think I pulled that same excact acrobatic maneuver once myself.

Only problem was the boat was sitting on the trailer, and only had my yard to land in! :twisted:
Fortunately nobody was around to witness it though.

Don't let ol Country fool ya.
I seen him do some fancy acrobatics on a night-time lake Kissimee.
The boats were'nt even mov'in when he pulled his stunt show.
It was impressive!
I think Stan grabbed him by the ears, or the scruff of the neck at the tail end of it. That's the only thing I saw that kept him from getting wet.

Happens to the best off us, but at least you had an obsticle to blame it on.

Aces over 8s

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jdotson":vh371t0u said:
The jar threw me off balance and I spiraled around the rudder stick like a pole dancer.
Well if you had an outfit on like Stan there might have been some money tossed your way. :D


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The sad thing J is that it is bound to happen to everyone. I have not been thrown out of the boat. YET is the keyword here. LOL I am just glad you were not hurt, the boat was not hurt and that you were able to continue your weekend.


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R. I. P.
Cowboy? What did I do when LOL You see one of the advantage sof getting old is selective memory, you will soon start to experience it especially once you start wearing readin glasses, you young whipper snappers LOL


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If there is one thing no one likes it's a certified letter....

I suggest that anyone who finds a fence post that they believe to be improperly or illegally placed, and as such causes a navigational hazard, do the following:

1. Take a photograph of said fence post.

2. Draft a short letter protesting the placement of the post and indicate that it is a navigational hazard. Indicate that you, as a citizen who navagates the waters where said post is, request that the post be removed ASAP in the interest of PUBLIC SAFETY.

3. Now, send the letter and photograph via CERTIFIED MAIL to all local government offices, including the FWC, County Sheriff's Office, etc.

If it is determined that the post is a real navigational problem, the "government" won't want it on the record that you alerted them to the problem, as now "they" assume liabilty for not acting.

If it is determined that the post is legal, then it's simple, don't drive your boat in that area...


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Be carefull, I wouldn't jerk anyones chain lest you see signs declaring area unsafe for boating, keep out.