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Fiberglass Hull



What fiberglass hulls are very similar to the cottonmouth hull that Classic does or used to sell?

Looking for a hull that is sort of the same shape and design. It works great but need new hull. Just want to find out what is out there.

What brand of hull is the one that shows how to install polymer?

look in the photo gallery at "paul dixon's 0540". The seminole hull sounds like one you may be interested in. I believe this is his supercharged boat that will do over 100 mph----notice it doesn't have a trim tab---my old boat wouldn't do 40 without jumping up and down like a rookie short-stop and it had a trim tab. I'm not sure how he does it---magic and maybe lots of experience. :lol:
depend on the size hull you want you might save a little more and buy an aluminum hull I found a couple of places that sell there 14 by 7.5 24in deep sided hulls for $3000.00 most glass hulls start around $1700 depending on size
If your looking for a glass hull similar to the Cottonmouths, Bobby Jones Jr. makes a new one called the Predator. It's similar to his dad's cottonmouths but with some improvements here and there. I have seen Bobby's and it is certainly worth looking at if that's what your in the market for.
Sorry Marshmaster, I don't have a number right off hand. I'll see what I can come up with this weekend. I'll be out hunting frogs tonight, I'm sure I'll find somebody with his contact info or I may even see Bobby Jr and get it.