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Fiberglass vs. Aluminum


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Looking to build a new boat. Previous boat was a 16x8 GTO saltwater. Boat ran great. Sold it because the guy gave me more than i had in it - now I miss it.

I've always loved the look of the fiberglass hulls - how do they stand up to long term abuse vs the aluminum? The boat will primarily be used in lakes and saltwater of North Florida.

Specifically, I have been looking at Jimmy White or Rivermaster. I see them everywhere, love the look, just curious about longevity.

Should I stick with Aluminum?
Where I fish in the gulf it's very rocky. My 1st boat was fiberglass ran it for 4 years put 2 hole in it and finally blew out transom on one side.

I current run a 96 alumitec bought it back in 06' it now has a number of patches and been welded countless time on my 4th piece of poly. I have beat the hull hull back flat several times. A fiberglass hull in my opinion just can't take that kind and beat and would have never lasted that long.

I do love fishing negative tides lol 2 weeks ago the mouth of most of the creeks had sand and rock showing. I saw rocks I have never seen before or not in several years. Supposed to be that same this weekend can't wait.

If I ran mothing but the lakes then I would probably have a fiberglass hull they do ride nice and have better looking lines then an aluminum hull.
But personally will never own a fiberglass boat again. My next boat will come from Hunter Custom Airboats. The same guy that build the Custom Airboat trailers is now building boats. He uses several different hulls. Chris Hunter he goes by smuggler on this forum.
One eye I think you and I fish the same areas. Thanks for input. I will look up Hunter custom boats.
I'll build fiberglass this time around, (due to budgeting AGAINST MY BETTER JUDGEMENT)!
I hit so...much stuff, (and it's always hiding just below the dark murky surface lol) with my DB aluminum hull in the 6 years I ran it that i just know I'll beat up a glass hull in no time flat, (unless I leave it parked on the trailer LOL)!