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Filling out the Insturment Panel


Silent Prop
R. I. P.
Im building the insturment panel on my 200 Lycoming boat now. I have oil pressure, voltmeter, and Tach. I have a 4th hole, what would be cool to put there. CHT, EGT, Oil Temp, or nothing? What makes sense?

egt would be my choice. I feel that is an important issue especially if you have adjustable mixture carb
Go with oil temp. That is an important gauge that is overlooked in many aircraft applications. Usually it is better to run a water temp gauge then an oil temp cause the water temp gauges are scaled better to the conditions we need them.

Bear, I personally think one of the most over-looked pieces of equipment on any boat is a small lighted marine compass.
I'm getting ready to add one to my boat. If I leave the dock at a general heading of 270 deg., then a general heading of 90 deg. should get me back in the neighborhood.

I think a GPS is a wonderful tool but they can make you lazy, and what do you do when you forget to charge the batteries ?
Call me old school if you want, but I like having a compass. I've flown many a mile with one.
Oil temp would be a good choice. It is good to have especially if your running hard for an extended period you can monitor the temp and stop and cool down if needed.A compass is good too. I have a gps but still have a small compass on my key chain.
Scotty, If there is a napa in your area they should have a mechanical oil temp guage. Maybe kaos carries them at his store.Otherwise you could get one from hamant or diamondback.
We have ONE NAPA, I bought my switches today from them. Ill go there tomorrow and see if they have it. Or if they are open on Sunday. Hopefully.


I carry a compass in my pfd in case my gps dies. I think you really need the temp gage in that hole. BTW I found out it's important where you read the temp from. MT just put something on here about that. The sump temp can be 30 degrees different from the temp up around the mags and screen area. Most boats I see use an automotive gage. You may need an adapter, usually an 18/8 to an npt thread. I just got an education on adapters( and threads)---if you need one and can't find it let me know.
Got room for a 5th hole ? OF and Cold got good points about the compass. Cold---I love that Aircraft Spruce store.

Oh---What Larry said about the water temp gage. That's what came on my boat for the oil temp. I think they may be a little cheaper also for some reason. They tell me it's really the same gage, but like Larry said ---scaled better for our use.
Yall takin about stuffin a water temp guage in somewhere on a Lycoming for an oil temp guage?? Novel idea but where ? I gotta see where the oil press hooks up even.

Seems so far nothing is ever a simple put this here. ya try it and then ya have to go get this that or the other and find they got the right size but wrong threads, take them back and go somewhere else and they got the right thread but the wrong color. I swear Im just not holding my mouth right or something.

Come to think of it I have the Water temp guage that matches the Oil Pres, and Volt Meter. Its the set I got in the raffle from American Airboats back early last year. So now I just gotta find what sender that uses. Its SW guages so maybe if I ask NAPA what sender to use for SW guages they will know.

Im about to think I couldnt go to the beach for a cup of sand and make just ONE TRIP.


Scotty unfortunately I run a 520.But I will check for you today and get back.But Im sure someone with a Lycoming will chime in soon.Glad you decided to go with oil temp,Good choice. :D
Do you have a screen or spin on filter? If you have the screen---it most likely has a 1/2npt right on the end of it. That's what mine had and you can install there. You should have everything with the auto sending unit to attach there. I put a spin on adapter on mine and that opened up the can of worms for me. Long story. I couldn't get the cup of sand with one trip either without a cat turd in it. :lol:
Oil temp. maybe you could plumb a tee into the oil cooler line where it
comes from the engine block and take your reading there.
with all the trash you pick up running the marsh, and that oil
cooler mounted down low you would want to keep an eye on
that oil temp. Kevin.
PS. keep the photos coming, they give me hope and inspiration.
I have seen on lycomings on the sump temp senders installed there and also in cooler lines .My only recommendation is that the probe of the sender make good contact with the oil stream. I have seen and experienced false readings before .And since it is a air cooled engine accuracy is a big plus...
I have a 0540 and it has 2 oil drain spots on the bottom of the oil sump, so I used one of them for my oil temp unit, it is always in the oil for a true reading.