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There is alot of running here if some of you want to stay saturday and sunday I don't have any problem showing you around both days. if you want to go frogging at night I can arange that also not a problem.



RAMADA LIMITED 1-800-272-6232 4500 w. NEW HAVEN AVE

YORK INN 1-321-724-5840 4455 W. NEW HAVEN AVE

BUDGET INN 1-321-724-5450 4505 W. NEW HAVEN AVE
As posted on another forum topic, should be home mid month and appears to be able to make it to Melbourne for the run.

Hope ya' ll dont object a La. boy runing w/ ya'll. Can come over early and stay late in order to get as much riding in as possible.

What regulations do the law pay attention too? want to be legal.
Hey mudpuppy from lookin at the addresses it looks as if they are all within a block or two of each other
They are all at I 95 and 192 there is 4 gas stations with cam 2 race fuel 110 or 114 octain . there is a bar called county line, and a waffle house and a denny's all with in walking distance from each other and maybe 2 miles from camp holly thats for south river . north river is 5 or 6 miles for where to launch .If you need any other info I will help you as best as i can

Here is an aerial photo mosaic I made up showing Camp Holly and the other place across the river.

I put this in the gallery here at Southern Airboat, but it re-sized the image after I uploaded it.

if you go to this address you can download the high rez version of the image (if I did everything right): ... 0holly.jpg

Now, this high rez version of the same image will print out at 72 dpi and be 47 x 28 inches!!! But if you print it at 300 dpi, you'll end up with something that will fit onto legal size paper and have great detail. Be sure to Download the image to disk, most web browsers will re-size the image to fit on your screen. This is a HUGE image at 72 dpi (screen resolution)

In the image, I can see cars, boats at the dock, and Marshbunny says that she recognizes one of the boats as her little gunew - That is some good detail for an aerial photo - to see something the size of a canoe! But it shows the parking situation, and general layout so you know where to turn off the road etc.

Once its decided north or south, I'll put together a larger scale mosaic of some of the trails. Basketcase, I thought that was pretty cool that you printed out all those maps and stuff and stuck them to the underside of your bimini top! That is some smooth navigatin'!!!

enjoy. let me know if any of this does not print out correctly. The jpg file is a little shy of 1 Meg in size. But if anyone wants it, I can email you the raw photoshop mosaic image, an 11 Meg file!!

more to follow.


(edited because I got the link wrong - D'oh!)

Cool pic! Most of the computer talk above is way over my head!!

Even with pictures and my GPS I still got lost in the Everglades, (ask Larry, everything loks the same there)!

I say make it a south run because it's only a couple of mile from the hotels. cntry141iq are you going over Friday? How about you basketcase are you going to make it? I may have to do some work that day I'm trying to swap some stuff to make it, Even though the wife is complaining that I'll be gone the next week starting Thursday for the Gator Hunt. I will not know until that Thursday if I'll be there or not.
wow, just checked rates at the holiday inn exp. $120. I thought you could stay on the beach for less than that. anyone find any good rates?
got an idea if you get on and pick your price you want to pay and the area witch is 192 and I 95 you could most likly get a room at the hotel for alot less. my wifes uncle done that the other day and got a 4 star hotel for $50.00 then done the same thing on a rent a car for 20.00 bucks

or if you fell like sweating you camp out in the marsh for free

1. Are there any RV sites close by? May come in a RV pulling the boat.

2. If the RV is used, is there anyway to get assistance in launching. can pull forward, cant back. bus is 45' long.

Any assistance or sugestion would be appreciated.
Yeah Harvey - Don't the Holiday Inn Express have a kitchenette in every room? Then you save money by cooking your own groceries and not eating out. Maybe it works out the same. (if you buy 3 of the most expensive menu items whenever you eat out)


Anything close to the beach or the glorified rat is going to be slightly pricey. But you need to come down! It's worth it!

Passtime, (Larry),

Have you ever considered putting a hitch on the front of the motorhome?

there is not any close ones there all 10 to 15 miles away most of the hotels park semis so they would most likely let you park there If not the local walmart parking lot
Pasttime - you can use my truck to put your boat into the water if you can use your rv to get it to the launch site (or with a mile or three) You drive. I have a v-10 Dodge 4 wheel drive and carry 1 7/8" & 2" balls and a fifth wheel hitch too.

But if you are pulling a gooseneck trailer I'll need to pack up that hitch. How the heck would you pull a gooseneck with an RV?!?! Are you crazy? :lol:

Parking trailers without the vehicles would ease the parking situation anyway.

If you can't find a place to park you motor home you can park it in front of my house but I only have room for one
manurving(spell ?) a 45 foot bus w/ trailer is beyond my ability.

moodfood, will take you on your offer

CCH, will accept your offer unless one of the motels will allow RV parking