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marsh might not be to bad, might have to pack the air and generator. are there any dry places to camp ?
I'm not sure if I'm staying Saturday night or not. I have my 4 month old who hasn't learned to take to the bottle yet. If he doesn't I'll probably stay since the wife won't come but if she comes I don't know... :wink:

If I do stay I'll probably camp in the marsh.

yes there is dry places to camp they have platforms to set up on and most of them have the old hand pump well for water and the are all in the shade
Later this evening, I'll have a general map posted that shows all the camp platforms. I'll post the link here when I get the map finished.
you are doing a great job on the maps the camp site at indian mound or what we call byrd platt are shady and at spade island are shady and they both have hand wells.. and then there are 2 cabins on bull doser canel and the one is first come and you can camp there but it's a ways from the ramp.. looks like we are going south..
CC, How big are these sites. My buudy and I are bringing our wives and we plan on using a large 16x10 tent. Are the platforms/campsites large enough.

There is much more to see going south from Camp Holly than there is going north. There is the old union cypress railroad line, Indian mound, Spade Island, the edge of the Jane Green swamp . . .going north you have to go quite a ways before you get to anything interesting.

Of those hotels listed above I would NOT recommend the York Inn - it has a bad reputation and gets visited frequently by the police. I've not heard anything bad about the others.

Camp Holly has some hookups for RVs, but you should definitely call ahead to verify they have what you need.
those plat forms are at least 16 by 16 and are about a foot off the ground are you coming firday night or sat
last week there was a foot of water there I should have my engine back on my boat this weekend and i'm going to run the area we want to ride and make sure there is water