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First time Bull build

Hey there,
I’m building a 14’ x 8’ hull for the first time and have some questions on the rivets used on the belly. This is going to be an over deck when it is all said and done.
Are they supposed to be flush like a countersink?
What should I use for the seams to waterproof them down the center of the hull?
I’m going to slick coat the bottom so there won’t be any poly.
Any advise would help.
8’ wide? What grade of aluminum are you planning to use for the hull? Use 100 degree countersink on the bottom of hull and round head above the waterline. Use 3M contact cement to seal joints.
Thank you for the advise Well I am using .125 6061 for the bottom and .063 6061 for the deck.
Having trouble locating the countersink should the be 3/4 long or should I use 1” for the bottom?
Man I can’t thank you enough I can’t wait to see how this turns out hopefully decent enough to post some pics without being too embarrassed! Lol