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Flags for other boats


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What are the requirements and recommendations for other types of boats in sawgrass or limited visibility places where airboats might run?

Height wise and size of the orange flag. Where online or in north Broward can the be bought?
That’s a great question! Legally there is no requirement, but there really should be. We run a flag on our mud boat and law enforcement always comments very positively. Even boats fishing in the canals should run them.

The higher the better, but you want it at least 10 feet above the water.

Schmidt Aviation has an airboat shop in Pompano (954) 782-2845.

Gator pro sells them on line. https://huntinglight.com/
Orange flags 10" x 12" I believe...at least 10 feet above the bottom of the hull is now a legal requirement in Florida. Just took a Florida boater certification course on line. Check online for the requirements.
Hope this helps.
If you are running out in the grass in the Everglades, a flag is mandatory, regardless of what type of boat it is. From FWC: "No vessel shall be operated outside of Water Management District canals unless it is equipped with an orange rectangular flag at least 10 inches wide and 12 inches long and displayed at a minimum height of 10 feet above the bottom of the vessel." It only makes sense even if you're not required to use one.
digginfool said:
If you are running out in the grass in the Everglades, a flag is mandatory, regardless of what type of boat it is.

I will admit to ignorance of this requirement until I went back and read the fine print on the Everglades WMA pamphlet last night, it definitely makes good sense, no argument from me. But does anyone else find that you can take 3 guys together for the weekend, give each of them the same set of WMA rules to read, it does not matter, we will still argue all night about what the rules actually mean.

Then, once we all agree on what the rules are, the game warden will show up and change em on us, usually because he is not familiar with the area we are on....
According to a FFWC handout dated 9/2012 all airboats must display a 10 x12 min. orange flag 10 ft above bottom of vessel.
Thats state wide. Please take note.
I’ve seen a few kayaks with them that fish out in the salt marsh and creeks, but not nearly enough of them.

The few that have them have probably been run up on by an airboat, and figured out the benefits of having one.