Are orange safety flags the only flag permitted while running in the glades? My dad used to run a confederate flag on his boat back in the early 80s. Times have changed and i wonder if this style is now frowned upon by the Airboating community?
Back in the day, it was done as a personal preference for various reasons.
More currently, it is a requirement of the law that it be orange, above the boat bottom by 10' and measure at least 120 sq inches.
This is why the commercially available ones are usually 10x12, as that is the mandated minimum.

No reason to not fly anything in addition to that though, if you want to. That is still a matter of choice, as far as I know.
ladyblackwater said:
No matter what other flag you fly you still always have to have an orange flag 10” X 12" minimum and at least 10' high from bottom of hull. Many people run other flags with there orange flag.
Noted,.. thank you :)
ladyblackwater said:
Many people run other flags with there orange flag
hell yea we do :toothy7: :rebel: