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flex pipe aggravation


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trying to put mufflers on my boat so i welded up some exhaust pipes fixed my mufflers now I just need two 3' section of flex pipe in 2 1/2" dia wouldn't you know no one seems to have it all they have is 2" Oh well My new cyl just got here I am going to get it back on and not worry about the flex for now
Speed-Shops are a good source for Stainless flex.
Navistar (International) uses 2-1/2" flex on some applications, so a Truck Parts store or Dealership like International or Freightliner would be a goo place to check.
Have you considered takeing the boat to a muffler shop and haveing pipes bent?
Try looking for a place that offers custom exhausts, NOT some place like Midas, I would bet they could bend up a super nice system for less money and weight than using flex pipe. If there are any salvage or scrap metal places near you try and find some stainless steel pipe: food processing plants never re-use it, the machines for bending muffler tubeing will bend the stuff just as easily and it'll last forever! Not to mention that 2-1/2" is a common size. If flexion and vibration is a concern you might get lucky and find a braded stainless section, or if nothing else use a short piece of flex to join them. Never seen this done on an AB, but have seen it done on LOTS of trucks. YMMV
Cowboy hooked me up with some sections of flex and will try getting them on tomorrow. and he spent the afternoon helping me get my cylinder back on and rockers and all that stuff . Since I started in the air boats everyone I have meet seems to by really good people but I have to put Cowboy at the top of the list .

I actual had a muffler place bend me some angles then I cut and welded it all up
Hey no problem G-H.
Glad to do it!

Not sure how much help I was y'all.
By the time I got over there, he had the cylinder back on. Everything was looking pretty good.

For somebody who knows nothing about engines like Goldhunter told me about himself..... well, he looked like he was doing darned good to me!

The exhaust headers he fixed up looked nice too. Real nice. Ain't nothing wrong with that.

If there's something I can do to help ya G-H, give me a call.
I figure you'll have it 80% done by the time I can get there again, and just hand you a wrench or two!

Gitterdone G-H.
I know you will!
If you need any parts we have most or can get them. flex, bands , even air craft engines and gpu motors, starter kits ,headers and we have complete gasket kits as well in stock.
If we don't have it we can get it.
well that flex was put to good use , it fired up fine but think I have to set that ideal back up just a hair if I pull the pedal all the way up it kills the engine but will mess with that when I do the hand throttle




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Ok I just need a little practice :lol: :lol:
Very close with the pics Goldhunter_2, "right click" on the photo you want when you find the properties make sure it ends in .jpg then "copy" and "paste"



also you may want to use the preview button just to make sure it works