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Florida Airboat Association meeting and Citrus trail ride

Daddy Dave

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Next Saturday, April 09, FAA will hold its quarterly meeting at Armante's Restaurant on Lake Hernando starting at 9:00 am. Come by airboat or auto, all airboaters are welcome. Meeting will end at noon. Very important stuff - proposed public wetlands legislative land grab, public access to public waterways and airboat noise ordinance topics to be discussed. Our airboating future is at stake, Please Get Involved.

After lunch, Citrus County Airboat Alliance will host a trail ride on the awsome Lake Hernando Marsh system. Plenty of room to run.
Not sure of the answer to that one. Most who are trailering will use the county park ramp behind the fire station in Hernando. It is then simply a run due north to Armante's. There is plenty of marsh going north, so, please give the lakeside residents wide berth.
I ran With the guys from WRAA this weekend I will be there look forward to metting new people and running new places.
FFWCC has been invited to attend the FAA meeting - so that we could thank the officers who recently recovered the stolen airboat - - and, hear an update from Dennis David about the additional upcoming sound level testing. Gonna be interresting to see if they come......
They say to put in behind the fire house in Hernando and go up to the metting.That is what I was told was the closeest ramp to the metting.
i'll try to get the # to the camp ground next to the armantes. They used to charge $5 to launch there, I don't know if they still do that or not but I will find out. Armantes is kinda hard to find if you have'nt been there much. But there should be enough boats to follow.
If you are concerned about the new Citrus county proposed noise ordinance, you may want to take a look at my post in the proposed ordinance thread in the news and events section.

Thanks Cracker,
I think that your explaination puts it into term that we can all understand.
When you put it like that, it goes to show how rediculous an ordinance like that is.

It would outlaw lawn mowing for sure.
Nope if you read the proposed ordinance the exempted lawn mowers but your right a lawnmower is louder than allowed so it should be quite a challenge to get an airboat quieter than a lawnmower and that is total noise not just motor noise the prop noise counts as well.
I would guess that a flock of Sandhill Cranes flying over would exceed their noise limits,.