Florida Airboat Association Press Release- Operation Airboat


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August 18, 2005

For Immediate Release:


Sponsored by: Southern Airboat.com

When: August 27th at 10:00 A.M

Where: The Brevard Air and Powerboat Association clubhouse ramp on Sweetwater Drive. From I-95 to Melbourne, take U.S. 192 toward W. Melbourne. Merge onto U.S.192/FL-500 and continue west approximately 2 miles. Before crossing bridge turn left onto Sweetwater Drive. Ramp and clubhouse near the end of the road.

Contact: Lauren Brown-Florida Airboat Association Public Information Officer

(386) 871-8945

email: Lkbrown46@aol.com

Volunteer Airboating Sportsmen-Conservationists from across Florida and from as far as Louisiana will gather in Melbourne, Florida to dedicate a ride to raise funds for needed items to send to our troops overseas. The event, scheduled for August 27th at 10:00 A.M., has been named “Operation Airboat.� The airboats will arrive with more than life jackets and ice water on board. These boats will be bringing along “care packages� filled with comforts from home for our United States soldiers.

Members of southernairboat.com are organizing the ride. According to member SSG Adam Wetherington, an instructor with the 2/211th Regional Training Institute at Camp Blanding, “We want the soldiers to know they are not forgotten and we appreciate the sacrifices they make.�

Non-perishables, such as beef jerky, sunflower seeds, hard candy, powdered drink mixes and ramen noodles and items such as toothpaste, sanitizing wipes, feminine products, decks of cards, pen and paper will fill the “care packages.� Air boaters will also be donating cash for postage and shipping. Pictures will be taken during the ride and photos will be included in each package mailed. The public is invited and encouraged to participate in the donation process. Items will be collected in the morning before the ride at the boat ramp at the end of Sweetwater Drive off Hwy 192. For information on donations you may contact SSG Wetherington at (813) 967-0269.


We offer any media member who wishes to cover this event to RSVP. The Florida Airboat Association will be happy to host you upon an airboat for this worthwhile and patriotic event. Contact Lauren Brown at (386) 871-8945
Feel free to increase the value of the Lauren's' FAA Press release by forwarding and/or calling your local reporters, news stations or newspapers and ask them to cover this event.
There is way too much gay, anti gun, anti military, anti hunting, anti God, anti Southern, pro weird BS on the airwaves. These issue are prevalent because they SCREAM louder than we do......I believe there is a very large number of folks who would rather read or hear of this event than the usual BS.
Squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Happy (media) hunting, Give 'em both barrels!
I emailed a couple of the radio stations and news stations here as well. I also contacted a couple of more schools to write letters.
Just thought I'd let everyone know that K92 FM in Orlando called me today wanting more info. Looking forward to hearing from more.

That's Great Adam!

We will hear more, I'm sure of it. This is a great ride you all have planned, any knowledgeable news-person will recognize that.

I thank everyone involved for their assistance in allowing the Florida Airboat Association to be a participant in this special event. The word is out! We will promote our sport in a responsible light and have fun too!!!!

K92 is one of the ones I emailed last night. That is great!!! Plus I have more letters coming from 2 schools here locally. I pick them up on Wednesday. The school I work at is going to try and set up a care package themselves.
When they ask for driving directions, give them this address to punch into MapQuest:

6301 Sweetwater Dr
Melbourne, FL 3290

Probably should note that this is NOT a mailing address, but the street number of a home next to the ramp.

Good job folks on the Radio stations!

Just remember when you talk to a reporter, say nice things about what airboaters do for the folks of Florida:
Soldier support, Flood evacuation, search & rescue, non native vegetation removal, lake/coastal clean ups, crab trap removals, handicapped kids rides, Juvenile Diabetes, ect....... Since we are into the public realm with our legislation, we need as much good press out as possible. You never know who will be listening.........
Keep up the calls & e-mails to the media. The squeaky wheel...............

Should you need assistance with media (if they contact you) feel free to contact Lauren or myself for help. Just as building an engine, if it ain't done right it can hurt (blow) later. Same holds for media & PR. Lets do it right.

Every one I have contacted by email I put a copy of the press release so they can contact you guys but if they happen to contact me I think I can do it but I will refer them to you guys so I don't mess anything up. That is why I get paid to be a teacher and not a public information officer. lol
Dear Ms. CChardt,

I'm paid to be a nurse.

A public information officer is a non-paying labor of love.

Thanks for all the good work you have done. Getting your class to write letters, the good directions you give....if the media contacts you, speak from your heart about the good that the airboating community does..it will all fall in place. We love our sport. That is my plan anyway. LOL
Yeah I know that you volunteer your time. I just have a hard time with adults. I teach kindergarten and can talk to them all day long but it is hard to talk to adults. Some people have it and I am just one of those who do not. LOL. But I think if I had to I could wing it. But I appreciate everything that you have done and coming up with it all. You have that gift and I wish I could learn it.
WOw Chris had someone just 2 way him today and they said that this thing was being announced on The Hitkicker 102.7 the local country station. Awesome. That was one of the places I emailed. I may give them a call in the morning to push it a little more. Just put me right back in the mood to go out this weekend.
Lauren called me today and said that there will be a reporter from a local newspaper waiting at the ramp at 9am. I told her he can ride with me when CC takes me and my buddy down river to drop off our stuff at camp. I guess he can't stay for long so his ride will be before the big one but at least he'll get to go. I'll be sure to be on my best behavior :twisted: so know worries, ok!

Ms. CChardt,

Had a phone call this morning from a reporter with Florida Today, said he would be at the ramp at 9:00 A.M. to cover this story. Adam has volunteered to take him on a run-about ride early on, he did not commit to the entire day! So be prepared, put on our shiny-est shoes and dance a bit for the media. We have sooooo many reasons to be proud!

Yeah, I am glad. Yeah I guess the guy who called Chris was the President of the Brevard County Airboat Association. He said he heard it on the radio. Cool I guess he will be there Saturday. We all need to send a great big thank you for them letting us use the ramps. But yeah, I am excited and this has put me back in the mood. My school has collected packages and I went and picked up about 50 letters from a 4th grade class here at a local elementary school. My kindergarten class has pictures for them but I am glad we are able to get together and do this for the troops and have fun all at the same time.
Ya'll are bringing this event together great! ms.cchardt, if you get the chance, fill in the reporter on the school project. Great story. Hope all goes well and the troops recieve a big number of letters & care packages from the loyal redneck patriots in the Florida swamps! It's sure to let them know they are appreciated.
Please drop a thanks to Brevard County Airboat Club for the use of their place. FYI: Their membership is very resonable as I think it's $35-45 per year. Ya'll may want to contact a member & join. Try Past Prez Walt Lorraine at Walt0470@aol.com.

As a region, the South has historically provided the greatest number of volunteer soldiers (per capita) to defend our country than any other region. The next region is the West, (no surprise here) excluding the Pacific region. The lowest area with volunteers is New England, home of Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Hillary Rodham Clinton & others. Again, no surprise.