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Florida antique boat registration


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Nothing new here, but this may save some of you some $$$. Per FL dmv form #87243.

Section 328.72(2)(a), Florida Statutes, provides for antique vessels to be exempt from the
annual base registration fee. Upon receipt of this certification form, which must be
completed by the owner or a licensed marine surveyor, the county can issue a registration
certifying the exempt status. After application for the antique status is made, future
renewals and state decals will be issued upon payment of service fees. To qualify for the
antique status, the vessel must meet the following requirements:
A. Powered by its original type power plant
B. Used for non-commercial purposes
C. Vessel must be at least 30 years old


1. Upon completing this form in its entirety and submitting it to a local county tax collector office
or license plate agency, the county will issue a registration reflecting exempt antique vessel
status, and this form will be returned to the applicant.
2. After acquiring a vessel registration indicating exempt antique vessel status (see #1 above), the
applicant may obtain an antique decal to display on the vessel. In order to obtain an antique
decal, submit this application to the Department at the address provided on the reverse side of
this form (accompanied by a copy of the most current registration in the applicant’s name).
3. Future renewals of the antique vessel registration should be made at the applicant’s local county
tax collector office or license plate agency.
A. Original Type Power Plant Engine of same year and model that the
vessel had originally.
B. Non-Commercial Used only for recreational purposes.
C. 30 Years Old A vessel does not automatically meet the
definition of antique upon becoming 30
years old. The vessel must also have the
original type power plant and be used