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Flt 401 Memorial ride pictures posted


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Well for the ones that have not seen them yet I finally went threw all the pictures I took at the ride and they are now posted hope you enjoy them
Thanks Sniper. As always you captured a lot. Just super pictures that captured the day.

I need to find some instruction on how to take good pictures like some of yall do. I got the cams, but the lack of training shows. Grinn

Scotty :thumbright:
Sniper, For us internet challenged folks, could you please post a hyperlink for the slide show? Hope to ride with you again, soon
BigDaddy if I knew how to do it I would I will get with rick and send the pictures to him maybe he can set that up
alot of us took pictures that day
will there are a lot of them that are of the same thing each and everyone of them are different it sure is nice to see everyone pictures and to see there view

nice pictures sniper

i know my wife took over 300 pictures

keep up the good work guys

I for one loved all of the photos I've seen as a result of the "Bullfrog Bud" run, but without a doubt my #1 photo is the "Snow Frogger" on your boat. As a Die hard Florida Cracker that has never seen snow, Our AAOF sticker on that snowmans chest just sets me off. On sat. you were in a t-shirt and then back at home we couldn't see the T-shirt let along you...LOL

Great seeing you down for the run. Hope to see you again sometime.

Keith "Pappy" Price
The "Sawgrasscowboy"
Pappy, that has to be the most 'hard core' picture you've ever seen that AAoF sticker displayed in. :lol: