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Found an engine...now to figure out if it's worth shipping.


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I'm conversing with an individual who has a six cyl contintal for salvage. of vourse it looks rough, but it rotates and has both mags, starter and carb so for the $200 he wants for it, I would think it would be worth that much. Problem is it's in Texas and I'm in NY. right now it's sitting upside down, banded to a pallet: any ideas on shipping? I had though about using FedEx Freight, but I'm no sure...
I figure the pallet weighs ~50 pounds and the engine ~350, am I close?
What say you?
What size motor is it 0300, 0470, 0520 etc. ? Is it aircraft or gpu? Sounds like between just the mags and carb you could recoupe your money even if the motor was in bad shape.
Try http://www.freightquote .com it takes a few minutes to set up an account but it is worth it. when you fill in the fields they give you 10+ actual quotes like AA Cooper, Yellow etc.

sharris@freightquote.com this is the guy I have dealt with in the past. I shipped a Miller Syncrowave 500 way up north and the freight was like $350. That welding machine weighed 875+ lbs not including leads, cooler etc.
think this is the engine you are looking at needs lots of work but the shipping is the biggest problem

I would not wast your money if thats the motor ,being its stored upside down and also has a splined crank shaft.
Put a e-225 crank, e-225 cam, 520 cylinders and rods and you would have a bad motor. you could do it for about the same as it would cost for a good 180 or 200. But you would have basically a 520. MY uncle has one and it has never left him stranded and will take him wherever he wants to go.
Well guess what, I bought this engine today. He changed the price to $800 though, so I hope with all the parts on it, it was worth the money. This spline crankshaft worries me some though. It was not stored upside down, he supposedly bought the boat on Wed, pulled the motor off the stand b/c he was going to sell everything separate. Tomorrow, we are going to turn it over and see if everything will turn.

I hope it was worth it. What do you think?

After I know some more, I will start a new thread.

I emailed just after he put the add in told him I would take it just send me the shipping price . he sent pictures then said it was sold . I figured it was worth that for the two mags I need if they where rebuild able but form the outside I would have been scared to pa that much personally , did you get to look at it in person yet?
You can have the crank cut down and a lycoming flange welded on it. that is a common mod to those motors and a plus to that is you don't have to run a pro adapter. It is either an e185 or e225, only difference in the 2 is the cam and a slightly larger carb. It is a lightweight motor and responds well to mods. I have a buddy that runs one of these motors and is getting well over 300hp with the standard cylinders.

Yes, I have the engine in the back of my pickup. He told me I was the first to make contact, so I was getting the first shot at it. The reason the price changed was someone in Florida offered $1500 for it (he told me????). It looks rough from the outside, rusted bolts, etc. but for a project motor, I think it will be ok.

Like I said, we are going to mount it on a stand, use the starter to turn it over to see if it will turn, pull a head off to see if any rust is found, etc....

It might have been over priced, but it will give me a project with a goal in mind and will be fun to play with.

I'm in Fl ......but must have been someone else that offered that :shock:

Good luck , keep us posted. anything can be fixed just takes a little elbow grease :lol: :lol:
Well in all fairness I didn't say "I'll take it". I did imply that I would certainly buy it for $200 as long as shipping could be arranged.
I figured the mags alone were worth $200. and the rest of the engine could be canibalized if not restored.
Well it's gone now.... you snooze you loose.