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Found gun, Big Cypress


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I would think you should be able to bring the firearm into the police department of one of your Police Officer friends and have them inspect the firearm and run the serial number. If it's not stolen they will probably write and incident report that you brought in a firearm to have the serial number checked, Officer XXX personally inspected the firearm and ran the serial number and it was not reported in the system, end of report. If it's stolen however they will take it, ask you how you acquired it and open an investigation in an attempt to solve the case. If it is stolen I'm sure you would want to have the gun out of your hands and with this post as proof it would be easy to back up your story that you found the gun. That's just what I would do. Definitely don't just turn the gun in as found property though.


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If law enforcement accepts the firearm as "Found Property" they will only keep it for a set period of time (Depending on the agency), and then have it destroyed if no one claims it. The agency will normally post it in the paper for a specific time (Three issues), and if no one comes forward within 90 days (Or so) they will dispose of it. Just saying. 8)


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I hope the owner gets the gun back, but this poster is a stand up gentlemen for trying to do the right thing. Its a sad thing to maybe lay a gun on a tailgate or cabtop and have it fall off, but it makes me feel good to know the firearm was found by an honest person who is trying to find the owner. May the sun shine on you, sir, when you need it to.


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Is it possible to call the states CONCEAL TO CARRY agency and give them the serial number to run and see who the owner is for don't they have access to that type information? Also, I am surprised that any sheriffs office wouldn't be glad to run the number without possession of gun. Tell them your thinking about buying this gun and want to make sure it isn't stolen or envolved in a killing or anything. :dontknow:


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IMHO, sit on the gun and do just as you have done. Do not turn it in they would not give it back to the owner if he did come forward. If no one claims the gun, enjoy your new weapon. Who knows maybe one day he will call to claim his lost gun. Thank you for being a stand up person as we all have lost things that was never returned...
The lack of firearms knowledge displayed in this thread is odd. Given that most are active sportsmen.
There is nothing to do but what the OP has done. He jumped on a couple message boards to get the word out and is standing by for a response.
Yes I noticed how old the thread is.

There is no..tracking owners by serial number. Florida does not have registration. There is no Federal registration. Nor tracking firearms owners from a Federal data base.
The only data base is a State stolen firearm check. Obviously of little value In this case.
Good job OP..