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Free Hog Hunt


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Did I mention that all new customers can get a free hog hunt. (We preffer you to use a bow).
American Airboats is going to offer all new customers in 2008 a free wild hog hunt in S.E. Texas. We are loaded down with some great hogs.
Hey Farron

any chance of you making some of those Flounder ponder hulls available to the guy's like me that are looking for a quality aluminum mini Airboat hull BigKaver told me about them and they sound awesome
I think it is in the works in the future but not until we finish doing a little more expansion.

What engine did you have in mind?
I was hoping you guys would just sell the hulls and we would do the rest I know there is a bunch of us interested I'm going to run a 503 or a 582 Rotax