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FREE WaterThunder Detonation detection an prevention upgrade


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This kind of completely came about by accident! Or I should say I was testing one thing and found another! I will perform this upgrade on any existing WaterThunder Motor with one of our programmable controllers for free! I accidentally found away to detect crank shaft deflection with the existing sensors and ECU we use, everything is already in place I just need to change some parameters in the ECU. So when the controller senses crank shaft deflection caused by detonation it will immediately remove timing until the detonation has stopped occurring. This can be a sweet deal and protect motors from damage. Also any large heavy boats or commercial applications that I had to utilize a very safe tune up can now be tuned more aggressively because with this upgrade if a motor begins to detonate the ECU will sense it and stop the detonation before any damage can occur. I will be offering our complete engine management system for older MOTORS soon!