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fri. nite ride.


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Somethings come up on Friday so I wasn't able to make it on Sat.

Team Basket Gave the wife and I a invite for Friday night ride with him and Ms Wizard. I took him up on it. Thanks team Basket. we had a blast. Even after getting home at 3am.

We left camp mack to the milk bus/ then over to MLK ridge to regoop/ then off to B.S. hill. The night was great for a ride full moon not much call for a light. I meet some new faces saw a lot old ones.

Would have loved to been out on Sat. with yall.


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You were definitely missed U.B.

There was a rumour of Tornado warnings in the orlando area, and the weather looked to be heading in the Camp Mack direction, so many did not ride Saturday nite.

But from what I saw when i got back to Orlando on Saturday nite, nothing happened here except some rain. And knowing what a heavy rain does to my driveway and yard, it was not even a heavy rain (here in Downtown Orlando).

I don't know where that weather report came from!!!

Looks like you got to take part of some of the best riding Bubba. Saturday was a beautiful day though.... but those nights sure were looking good.

No word yet from the campers (cntry & stan & crew) out on the milk bus. They're still out there I guess. They were setting up for an evening feast when I saw them last.

I hope all is well Bubba. You missed a Hum Dinger hosted by the KRVSA out there at Drasada Oaks. The only way they could have topped it is if they had a live band complete with drums, amps and sound system!!! I'll bet those oaks and those sand hills have NEVER heard the sweet sound of a Hammond B3 with a Leslie Rotating speaker pouring out some bluesy sounds. LOL but God help the folks who TRY to move a B3 rig out to a hill by airboat! So I guess those trees will never hear that sound! It was a great party for sure. Sort of like a travelling boat show. :lol:

See you at the next one!



Unc, it was great to meet you! Glad you got to ride with us. Thanks for the flag.

Matt, great meeting you too. Stan and CNTRY fared well, saw them both this afternoon.

Those of you that haven't seen Mood's maps, they are most definitely of the highest quality I have ever seen. Top notch!