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Friday Eve, what's the plan?



I'm gonna be at Camp Mack probably between 5 and 7 pm

I don't know my way around so I will need to meet up with the gang at the camp.

Any solid plans yet?



Silent Prop
R. I. P.
I'll be there. Getting in late afternoon and looking forward to the ride Fri night. I will also be a follower. Don't feel like getting stuck or break something so I wont be able to ride on Sat.
Also for those staying at camp mack something was said about dinner Sat night there. I would love to have a pot luck cook out but could someone suggest something for me to pick up. I dont know what everyone else is bringing but give me clue what is needed and I will pick it up on the way in.


Tim, can't go wrong with ICE and BEER :D

And charcoal....everybody will probly bring meat and forget the charcoal LOL

Rich Andrews

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I'll take a Prime Rib.....BTW, we are leaving FT laud about 12 or 1
my cell is 954 444 2790 if you want to follow us.

Ms. Wizard

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Hey all. I have some beef to throw on the grill Friday night. Maybe some tater salad or something? Basket and I will be at Camp Mack around 5pm Friday evening. We usually gather round the picnic table in the middle of the lodge parking lot and eat, drink and be merry. We will put up the Southern Airboat monthly run banner by the lodge. Looking forward to seeing you all.



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I think the plan is to grill out Fri at the hotel from what I've read.I have my grill and beef with salads.Sounds like curb side grill out.We will be there early Fri with the Seminole crew and a few others.And brew.


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Hey ya'll,

Many people at the KRVSA meeting last night, (some discussion on the weekend/picnic/re-union). This is gonna be huge!

The president of the club stressed safety, from my "spierence" you will cross paths with fish & game at least once on any given weekend there. BE CAREFUL PLEASE!

Camp Mack/Liars Lodge is the Friday night rendevous point. Say around 7 P.M. we all decide which way to go for a ride?

Hi ya'll
We I'll be at lake cypress fri I'll try to get to meet up with everyone in the p.m. but never been n the lakes {cypress,hatch} or any where around there so i'll be taking it slow maybe throough the canal so i can
stay in the liquid but looking forward to it.


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Will be on lake Hatch around 8AM Sat plan on ridding all day Sat and maybe some early sunday. Gota get back home and get the new boat ready for Sarno so I will mis most of Sunday!


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We will be there around 7:30 am on Saturday with Safari Rick. We are going straight to the spot Saturday morning. I know Safari Rick will be leaving Saturday night but we are going to be there for some riding on Sunday and we will leave late Sunday afternoon.


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Man is it a perfect day out I hope it's like this Saturday. Hey Dakota I'm leaving Melbourne at 8 AM when are you guy's leaving?

c chardt

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we will be leaving melbourne about 7 am have to meet safari rick in deer park and do a little adjusting on his boat when we get to lk cypress should be at the lake around 730 or 800