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Frog Gig info needed

buy a right handed gig and just turn it over 1/2 turn...waaalaaa left handed gig...works every time
Okay then, how about bifocal hatlights? You know look up for distant frogs and look down for them close ones...
I have been hesitating all week from offering my spare left handed screw drivers, left handed smoke shifter and snipe hunt bags for rent.

Who's the joke on?
John Fenner said:
aluminum magnets.
A buddy of mine stuck a hide a key box under his new truck. It didn't dawn on him that he had just bought an aluminum F150. Said it cost him over $200 for another key...
papajack said:
Just missing some of those gut bustin funny threads from back in the day...
I think it's like prison, all the young un's are on Facebook or something so we just hear all the same old jokes.

So, inside joke #1 is that all we need is #'s for the jokes. Here is #3, used anytime it looks like something is leaking onto my rudder or the buggy has a flat.


The best part is where the Youtube blackhole takes you after watching!
Speaking of monkeys. it looks like these guys have some great Bay Monkeys, but I think they could use a catch Chimp or two. I wonder what the FWC would say about this method of take.


I've also thought about training me up a wind Rat to sniff them out, gonna name him Jimmy, Jimmy The Rat.
Oh, and I loved the way those Floridians were throwing those monkeys on those hogs.LOL These damn Rednecks down here know all the tricks.