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Frogging Contest

Yeah, I'm pretty confident he'll get the job done. He starts getting a little cranky when he's boatless! :lol:
I have not met Rick yet, but he seems like a patient guy. You were a member a long time before you posted. We have all heard what a good frogger you are.

It's been such a long time, I'm sure to be rusty. I have a hard time posting because most topics I know absolutely nothing about. I love fishing and frogging, but the technical stuff about airboats is all dad.

You did the right thing, you started a topic that you are familiar with. These guys on here are pretty nice, they will talk (type) to you.

Normally, I'm just the photographer, but dad wants me to get more involved with the website. So, I'm going to try to post more often.
He told me that he has not had much time to be here lately. I'm sure he will appreciate the help.

Now, I don't know anything about frogging, but we had a nice conversation.

I used to take a lot of pictures. I have a couple of cameras. I don't take a roll a year now. I have gotten lazy in my old age.

My daughter is married and I don't see her much because she lives in IL. I miss her. She comes down here once or twice a year and we have a blast. She is a water skier.

We all get a little lazy after while. I just moved back from Charlotte almost a year ago. I know how difficult it is to live away from your family. Luckily, my parents have my nephews to keep them entertained.
Grandchildren are fun. I have four of them. I enjoy them too. There is nothing like cutting up with my kids though. You dad has said how much fun he has with you.

I've seen the frog pictures posted by your family.
Perhaps I should just go ahead and stamp your name on the frst prize light.
Speaking of frogging......
I've been tossing around the idea to host a frog gigging tournament.
Would like some feed back on this, anyone ever been in one before? reccommend an area? I think it would be lots of fun and offer the airboaters something different to do.
Never been in one before Terri.
Looking forward to trying this out.
I've never really frogged any areas other than the lake, and the Conservation areas.

Perhaps you should start a new topic in the airboat talk, or place to run forums to gather feedback, and interest levels.

I'd be there if I could. You do one, and I'll put up another frogging light for a prize.
I would suggest doing it in the summer when theres not so much pressure on motels, ext.
We don't care how you get them. This is you isn't it?