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Fuel injection


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A friend of mine used the Holley system on his 5.3. He started with a base tune and the system did the rest. The boat runs really good and that included adjusting for the LSA cam he put in the engine.


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That's good to know I was also thinking of putting it on a motor in a Chevrolet pickup that has an aftermarket cam in it nothing wild just a little better than stock thank you


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I run a terminator x on my LS3 airboat. Does extremely well. Easy to install and it does the work from there. You can get more out of it if you hire a tuner or dig deep in the Holley forums and get direction from others who tune there engines themselves. I 100% recommend.


Just wondering does the self learning fuel injection that Holly makes how good does it do on an airboat
One of the biggest issues I had with my 489 BBC was that Holley Junk. It may work on vehicles but...the vibration that a airboat produces is
not designed into the ECU. I guess 10 times on=call with Holley tech line would be a understatment and 5 OX sensors...Be self learning..put a
good carb on as there is very little wifi in the swamps...


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Check out the Holley Hp system. I always said I'd never get away from a Carb but now I say I'll never go back too one. It's by far the best decision I ever made and I've put at least 2500 hours on the system to date. The ECU is completely sealed (Marine).