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Gator hunt

ok guys who has the cheapest guide to shoot some gators? im going to be putting together a bowfishing video and i wanted to put some gators in on it
Do you really want the cheapest, or the best? The best will save you a lot of heartache, and more money in the long run.

Bow - Gator hunting laws just changed here in Texas for areas outside of the core alligator habitat. If you know any big landowners outside those areas, they might be willing to let you access their lands and help hunt a few. Check out the new rules and maybe you can get lucky.

Duc is right, there are several here in SE TX and more in SW LA that have gator hunts.

If you are looking for trophy gator hunts, you will pay dearly. However, if you just want to stick some toothy lizards, you might be able to visit with someone that is wanting all those bait biters and duck munchers in the 5-6 foot range removed. I think the state allows additional tags for management purposes in that size range. Might save you some cash.
thats exactly right Pat. honestly, gator hunting (from the customer aspect) is really a rich man's sport. however; you can book economy hunts that may allow you to take a few management gators. those typically fall between 5'8"-6' and 6'8"-7' and shoot nothing bigger because somebody will pay big money to shoot the Moofasas. but you're still gonna have to pay quite a bit.
I'd love to have you out.


You can also view a bow hunt on The Outdoor Channel on May 25th.

Jim Jones & "Hunting Across America" joined us on a public lands hunt last September where we bagged a (10) ten footer with a bow.

We also filmed a 2nd show with Chris Chaffen & "Fish & Wildlife Journal" which also airs on TOC.

Still don't have an air date for that episode.

Bagged a (9'6") nine-six on that hunt.

The rug skin mount when done will be hung in the lobby of the home office of TOC.

Any licensed & isured trapper will show you a great time.

My only advice is no matter where you hunt (public/private) make sure your guide is a USCG Captain.

Usually more of a professional outfit.

Good Luck!!!