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gator legal question or your opinion

Rich Andrews

Well-known member
Can I tie a peg with bait to my boat, and leave it on all day long on the shoreline?

Or, can you only do this at night?

Does the boat need to be occupied while bait is attached?

Does it have to be from a boat?
I have been told that legal gator hunt hours are legal gator hunt hours - regardless of the method of take anyone employs. I have also been told that any baited line and wooden peg has to be attended by the trapper at all times. An agent can participate in all activities but only if the trapper is present. Deer and gators can get your boat gone.

You can only "hunt" gators during legal hours: 1/2 before sunset till 1/2 hour after sunrise. This includes all methods, including a baited peg.
The bait must be attended at all times & "attended" means it must be attached to you or your boat. No set brush baits, no floating unattached jugs.


Copy what the others say. We always see people with jugs or bouys with bait unattended every year. As BigDaddy and Gatorstick said this is illegal.
You can hunt 1/2 hr before sunset and 1/2 hrs after sun rise. Only. Look on you tag paper.

You have to be present, you can no leave it unattended!!!!!

You can do it from the boat, bank or water :D

You can not take 5 jugs and drop them to cover an area and let them free float.
You can take 5 jugs and have them cover an area as long as you are connected to them( rope or fishing line).

I asked Mr Dutton this very question last yr.

You may leave the ramp at any time and have all the equipment in the boat. Just don't start to soon.

FWC(wardens) have some problems understanding the regs and law as well. In some areas they say you can not leave the ramp till legal hunting hrs, but this is not true.

If you place your bait in the water and a two foot gators swallows that peg, you are bound by the law to take it. So pay very good attn where you place that bait and who is watching you. :eek: :( :twisted:

You can not come up with " I did not know" you gotta get your ducks lined up and your Poop together.
sounds like you can use anything from a boat to a truck, or yourself as long as the bait is attached to you, or your (boat or truck)?

Also, if you peg a gator after sun up, do you cut it loose?

Does the string have to consist of the same mat'l or can you splice fishing line to it, with a bobber in the middle?

Just pushing the envelope....
If you hook a gator before the end of legal hunting time you can still recover it. The lines can be made of any material and I don`t see any limitations with regard to the make up of same. Sometimes it ai`nt worth pushin` cos some of those boys will push back. They seem to like to stop folk at the boat ramp that way they get the boat trailler and truck.
Up here in central Fl I have seen a guy float a jug 200 yards down the river. He had a heavy duty salt water rig with PowerPRO line. I see no problem with shifting to rope, wire or fishing line. You are present and connected, you are good to go.
Fishing pole would be fine but I would put a float in the middle tied to the roap. But keep in mind if it is 200 yards away and boat comes down the river don't get mad if he runs over it. But I think legally you would be fine. When in doubt contact Harry Dutton or Steve Stiegler and get in in writing (i.e. email)