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Gator Prices ?


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Anyone herd of any prices yet ?
What i've herd so far is alot lower in general than last year. :scratch:
What you should do to get the price up is pool together as a group and by doing that you can better control the prices.

That is what we do down here in S.E. Texas, all the gator hunters get together and formed a unified front.

Just called my cousins, Shane & HoHo at Brooks Gator Farm in Christmas, FL. They're paying $30.00 ft. for 7' & above.

They're phone number is: 407-568-0134

that's some BS.....especially when you are selling them quality gators. I'll have to ask All American Alligator why they are so much lower?
Pool your gators together, he who controls the gators controls the price. They need the hides they have orders to fill but if you don't unite they tear you apart one by one.
wish I had a walk in cooler to leave em in overnight........but your correct. Next time I'll be dammed if I,m gonna break my ass to get them to them right away, I'll park the truck under a tree get some sleep and casually bring em in.
last year my buddy filled about 130 tags in 9 days. It would be ideal if a group of gator hunters went in together and built a walk in cooler and could check in gators and give the people claim tickets to collect their money. Then you could charge people a small fee per year to be part of the co-op to help pay for the cooler costs but every person wins on the price of gators that way.
at 250 dollars or less a gator add the price of the tags and fuel and equipment you'd better be doing it for fun only. I'd personally keep the gator for myself before I sold it that cheap.
wasn't my call the other night, but since the prices went to an all time low, the excuses for how much they pay keep coming.

The guys at Brooks gator farm hooked us up as well some 10 yrs ago.......they even showed me where to properly put in a tag!!
Never had a problem with Froehlich's Gator Farm 7 days a week (Christmas, Hwy 50 across the road from the Gator Jungle attraction)... the owner, Ed is the real deal. 407-568-5104... $30.00/ft for 8' and up. Ya'll remember $15.00/foot just a few years ago?
Grape Hammock is buying for all american gator products giving good prices, I just sold an 11'2'' for $30 a foot and an 8'6'' for $20 a foot
I am looking to buy a few....will be working the west side of Lake O......probably be at Harney Pond ramp by dark or a little later.

Will beat prices quoted by All American Alligator for good quality alligators!

9 ft and up $30....can deal on grade 1 8 footers also!

Smaller stuff less....but quality RULES!

Same goes for the really big stuff....show me quality and I will deal!

cell# 863-673-4671