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Gator Stuffed peppers

terrible ted

Well-known member
These were assume.
2 lbs Gator sausage- seafood. Its gator, old bay and some sweet peppers see ( http://www.foodguru.com/alligator-sausage.html )
Then mix that with
1 cup hush puppy mix
3-4 eggs to bind
Stuff inside Red chili peppers without all the seeds.
Deep fry.
With out the peppers that's how I make gator balls. May try batter dipping the whole thing next time.

They were great. I made some on the 4th for my pig roast. It may separate the wimps from the men. Its really not that hot there a little sweet with a kick.


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ted thats a great recipe i ll be cooking that real soon and im going with ur idea driping whole thing in pancake batter.ty ted.y all besafe :rebel:

terrible ted

Well-known member
Make conch salad yesterday. Turned out really good.
3 lemons
3 limes
1 lb conch
2 green bell peppers
1/2 large sweet onion
1 lg spoon of crushed red pepper seeds
1 lg larger spoon old bay.

Clean peppers conch and onion.
Cut up into small strips mix in seasoning
juice from citrus over.
Place in fridge for one day.

Serve this with tostones or some mofungo. I like the tostones with this better