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I'm having a little bit of trouble getting insurance on my new boat. Scorpion is building it for me. I wanted a Modified cage but Merkel's responce was no. Motor must be totally enclosed. Any sugestions who to use up here. I'm in Southeast Georgia, going to run the coast.
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I own an independent insurance agency here in Florida and have many airboat clients. Commercial and personal. I am happy to help. Feel free to email me.

I can help in other states as well.
We have Geico Marine, through BoatUS, and they covered ours with a modified cage with no problem, did it all online. Had Markel on previous boat but they wouldn't cover the new one because it doesn't have a full cage. Policy with Geico Marine was new in early-mid 2018 and renewed this year with no issue, unless their policies have changed...but we are in FL, not GA.
Okay, Here's what I found out. Yes GEICO/BoatUS is the best. Insured for 40k, 5% Deductible, 300k Liability. Yearly premium is $493.00 plus BoatUS Membership. No question about Cage. I will bind as soon as I have the HIN#. Thanks for the info...
Capt Quint are you in Georgia or Florida? I am in the process of building a boat now and just heard about the hybred cage vs full cage. I am in Florida, Thanks
When you send in your pictures to the underwriters if you don't have a cage to prevent someone from contact with hot pipes and moving belts they will usually drop you. Some slip through, but most wont. You will bind coverage, pay the payment, email pics and then get a cancellation notice with reason why 2-3 weeks later.

Just sayin!
We sent all required pics and Geico approved with no issue even with hybrid cage, friend of ours also has them with same type of cage. Both of us are going on 2 years with them now.
Big, I'm in Georgia. They didn't ask for any pictures. I just paid for it. So I guess I'm good for now. So far great folks to deal with. Matt at Seamans Insurance tried very hard to help but in the end I had to go elsewhere. I'm so looking forward to riding and hunting these coastal islands here.