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I know a guy with 18ft boat that would out do yours in squares and I'm sure it is heavier than yours too. :D

I'll see if he would be interested in this.




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Well, I will say this, the boat of Predators was built to do one thing, and one thing only, and thats run the woods. Like Thunder said, Lets just race! Through the woods, no weighing of boats, pink slips, or time limits! An old school race! Who cares if you boat is bigger, who cares if his is smaller, just race!


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Hmgm123....Just make sure Cntry adds the weight to make things even!!!! :wink:
Or maybe that guy can lighten up to meet the requirements verbatum....it has to be a
cntry141iq":37s6cjbk said:
boat just like mine

TAG!!!! :p



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I do agree with you on this 100%...we have to have more people get involved in these issues we see everyday. If not involved, here then at least in the local clubs.

A picture with Cntry...I wouldn't know where to put it....all my closets are full!!!!! :p



Well, I have decided that it must have been a Continental because those are obviously Continental jugs and the intakes were definitely on top, not on the bottom.

I also think it was a GPU becuase it only had one mag, and I'm sure all true aircraft motors have to have two mags.

The guy either didn't really know what size motor he had-maybe that's what the previous owner told him-or he just says it is a 720 becuase it sounds better, and most people wouldn't notice anyways.

Thanks for the help


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I just feel asking a A/C motor boat to add weight for a race is the same as him asking a car motor guy to take out some horsepower! So to be fair the Predator A/C must weigh 2000 pound and CT141'S car motor must remove a 175HP and only make 300HP now were just like Nextel cup everything must be exactly the same and dead equal. They are different boats and it is not fair to set them up the same.


goldhunter_2":eupqwimq said:
did you go look at it in person and what did he want for it

If your post was to me, the engine I started the thread about was not for sale, but on a guy's boat that I saw while airboating on Orange Lake this past Sunday


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yes Red drawf I was relying to you it seems we are the only ones talking about this particular engine :shock:

ok I must have gotten caught up in all the other confusion going on in this thread , i was thinking you saw it on a guys boat who was looking to sell, my mistake sorry


cntry141iq":1p3x9iy9 said:
... I will even race a bass boat through the marsh ..

LOL ok, but only if it is 18' or shorter. Longer bass boats have more surface area

Root Pass

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and that kid with the d/d boat was right there with everyone else I waited on him one time makin sure he was comin behind me and he did great.

My first boat and I already got a compliment from the GAE!Thanks cntry I had a great time and met some new people.Look forward to getting some of ya"ll over to our neck of the woods in May at Lake Hernando


Heck yeah Country!
I'm Laughing too!

I sure have enjoyed this thread.

Go get that Ground Rattler.
I wanna see you win.

I ain't mad.
I ain't looking to get even.

I just wana see you win! :p

Don't worry none.
Win Loose or Draw, I'll always know your the greatest!