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Going out without another boat


I’m new to airboats and have a couple friends that have them and they say they don’t go out without another person in their boat with them. Is this normal or is it safe to go out by myself without someone following me in their boat. Sometimes I like to go out and don’t have anyone to go with but would really like to go. Do many people go out by themselves?
It is clearly safest to ride with a buddy in the boat and another boat or 2.... I don’t often. I’m not saying it is a great idea, but you’re not the only one. There is something about sunrise, sunset and solitude that bring me happiness.

I am that way. I fish alone often, I hunt alone often, and I airboat alone sometimes. Been this way my whole life. Also have story after story of being stuck, broke down, sunk and every other thing you would never want to happen to you alone happen to me while I was alone.

This is why I stop every time I see someone who needs help. I have been that guy and will be again.

Question is, are you willing to accept being stuck, sunk or broke alone? Go alone and it WILL happen sooner or later!
I go out by myself 75% of the time, or more. This is mainly due to my odd work schedule, and the fact I prefer going out at night. Being that you are new to airboating, I don't know if I would recommend going out alone for a while. But when I go out alone I always try to make sure I have the following in place:

I try to always let a buddy who also has an airboat know that I am going out alone, where I am going, and where I am going to launch from. (In case of an emergency)

Bring a several day supply of water and canned food

Bring a mosquito net / bug repellant

Bring a good knife, a way to make fire, and a fishing pole in case you run out of food

A tarp for rain or sun protection

And I make sure that my boat always has the basic tools and parts necessary for a common quick fix

Basically I bring supplies necessary in case I get stuck out there for a couple days. Better to be prepared for the worst, and hope for the best. This might seem a little excessive to some, but I have been stuck out there by myself before… And these things make life much better in a tough situation.
Be prepared, Along with most of the things seven3 said I also keep a full set of clothes in a vacuum packed bag and another with dryer lint ,a lighter and some small pieces of lighter pine , Dry clothes and a warm fire go along way!!
As a new owner, you should run with another boat for a while for sure. Chances are high for a screw up early on. If you don't have one, get an automatic inflating life jacket, maintain it and wear it, particularly when alone and/or running in and out of deep water.

Obviously you can't carry everything, but here is my list of key items in my boat not covered already:
- First aid kit, goes without saying.
- Compass
- Machete.
- Spare fuel filter, spark plugs and other basics.
- 5 gallon bucket, normally used for garbage, but can be used to bail the boat, throwing water on a fire etc.
- Mosquito net hammock and tarp (this is my standard camping kit anyway).
- Lithium battery jump box, double bagged in zip locks. I found one that will start my AV motor with no other battery. It will also charge phones etc.
- Flashlights
- Keep your cell phone in waterproof case or bag, otherwise it is useless if you sink.
- This does not apply to all, but I carry a spare set of glasses, otherwise I am stumbling around blind.

One more item that I added this past year is a Garmin InReach Explorer GPS/Satellite communicator which provides 2 way text and e-mail on the Iridium network. It can be used to send your position to recipients with messages and contact authorities if needed. Being Satellite connected, it works where cell does not. They cost about $500 to purchase and get connected. The cheapest subscription plan is only $15 per month that covers 10 texts per month, but additional texts are 50 cents each, pretty cheap if you really need it. You can change the plan monthly as needed with $65 covering unlimited messaging, which is cheaper than international cell plans. The unit is waterproof and can be used most anywhere in the world. Use it for offshore fishing, trips to the islands and international travel too.

I previously tried a SPOT tracker/communicator, but it was a 1 way only device, the unit can send pre-selected messages only and can't receive messages. It requires too much pre-trip coordination with your buddies and you get no indication that messages were received.
Slidingator, taking it to the max! That's great though I never had that kind of kit except to a trip to bimini or west end. First few times back in the day there was no epirb units, but I was young and gave no hell. As far as riding by yourself, I have an aircraft engine on my rig and it's more trusty than the bic in my pocket. Not to say a starter can't come loose and ruin your night. Check your boat before every ride and make sure to tell us on SA if you break,someone will come to help. It won't be the first Time I've had a impromptu night adventure. Lol.
If there is only one thing you bring when you ride alone, that thing needs to be COMMON SENSE!!

If you have ever been told that you have more book smarts than street smart or even remotely question your ability to trouble shoot and create solutions to problems, never ride alone!

Case and point: I rode alone tonight. Parked on a beautiful and remote hill. It’s sunday and I wanted to avoid the drunks to watch sundown. Just after the sun went down I went to leave and nothing. That un-nerving silence when you turn the key and nothing happens.

I am home now, about 2 hours after that happened and didn’t have to call anyone. If you haven’t already thought of the list of things I checked to get her running, you should never ride alone!!
going out with other boats is always safer and more fun but once U get the hang of your boat should be alright. There is a thread on here about Do's and Don'ts or something like that. It has a list of useful safety stuff to keep on the boat. I probably ride alone about half the . Do try and let someone know where you are ridding and keep a list of folks who could come to your rescue. In my case I am fortunate to say that Glades Cat on here has come to my rescue more than once lol.
ladyblackwater said:
That's what happens Lilly-Pad when you own an AC boat :stirpot:. Everyone knows you need a LOT of friends when you own one of those AC boat :fishing . Great word of advice make sure you make good friends (family) with a CM boat owner. :lol:

Jason my Brother, I am happy to say that Ur name is at the top of the list of folks I will call if ever in need bc not only do you have the know how but also the boat to get in and back out of where ever I may have ended up lol. I also know that its every AC boats responsibility to help a few CM boats get thru the sticky by keeping the trails well lubricate lol :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: just saying :fishing :proud: :old_glory: :usa:
I am home now, about 2 hours after that happened and didn’t have to call anyone. If you haven’t already thought of the list of things I checked to get her running, you should never ride alone!! YOUR killing me here Mojoe . Lol what was it a ground problem ?????
Hill: Close enough! The connection on the starter.

I cleaned and greased all the connections a couple weeks ago. When something goes wrong, I have had way more success finding the problem than I should admit by checking the last bolt I turned! :?

I know Ladyblackwater is having tons o fun with his CM commentary, but last I checked,
CM boats have starters too :thumbleft: To date, my longest night on the river was in my old CM boat. The cone on the starter broke off and the gear wouldn’t engage. Happened about sundown. It was well after sunrise the next day when the wife and I got home. I was exhausted, soaking wet and too tired to sleep. The only good thing was that we had just eaten dinner at Loughmans right before it happened so we weren’t hungry :cheers: